Agenda. Stage 1
Doom: 3. Clues: –
When you come to, you are standing over the man's body. You recoil immediately at the grisly sight. Multiple stab wounds perforate his chest. Blood spills onto the floor. What in the hell happened here? And why can't you remember a thing?

If there is only 1 investigator in the game, this agenda gets +1 doom threshold.

Lin Hsiang
Murder at the Excelsior Hotel #2. Murder at the Excelsior Hotel #2.
The Murder

Arousing Suspicions - Back

As you retrace your steps to make sense of the situation, there is a pounding on the door to the suite. "This is the police!" a stern voice calls out. "We've gotten reports of a disturbance. Open up!"

Put the set-aside Sergeant Monroe into play in the Foyer.

Spawn 1 set-aside Arkham Officer enemy at the Second Floor Hall (if there are 3 or 4 investigators in the game, spawn another set-aside Arkham Officer enemy at the Foyer). Then shuffle each other set-aside Arkham Officer enemy into the encounter deck, along with the encounter discard pile.

The lead investigator draws the set-aside What Have You Done? weakness.

For each of the following circumstances which is true, place 1 clue on Room 225 (from the token bank) and place 1 doom on an Arkham Officer:

- The investigators have not "cleaned up the blood."

- The investigators have not "hid the body."

- The investigators have not "tidied up the room."

The Murder

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