Act. Stage 2
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Thanks to the leads you discovered in the suite, you're fairly sure whoever framed you is still in the hotel. The only real question is where to find this person. Looking at the leads you've found, you feel like the answers are right in front of you...

Objective - Learn more about your leads by placing clues on them (using abilities on some locations). The more clues, the better. At the end of the round, you may choose to advance if each Lead asset has at least 1 clues on it. (Hint: If you wish to present this evidence to the police, you may wish to have at least 2 clues on each Lead asset, instead.)

Mark Molnar
Murder at the Excelsior Hotel #5. Murder at the Excelsior Hotel #5.
Following Leads

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Read Scenario Interlude: The Truth on page 10 of the Rules Booklet.

Following Leads

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