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The door to Room 212 is locked. You cannot enter Room 212 from the Second Floor Hall.

Second Floor Hall gains: ": Test (4) to attempt to pick the lock. If you succeed, reveal Room 212 and immediately move to it."

Room 212

Crime Scene.

Shroud: 4. Clues: 2.

: Test (3). If you succeed, move any number of clues controlled by investigators at this location to Sinister Solution (if it is in play).

Victory 1.
A mass of inhuman matter sits in a glass tub on the desk, connected to all manner of strange and futuristic lab equipment. The bed nearly looks like it was never slept in. Sitting on the mattress is a case of vials, each filled with green, viscous liquid.
Dual Brush Studios
Murder at the Excelsior Hotel #16. Murder at the Excelsior Hotel #18.
Room 212

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