Agenda. Stage 3
Doom: 6. Clues: –

Sinister Solution gains: " If Vengeful Specter is at your location: Test (1). For each point you succeed by, move 1 clue from Sinister Solution to Vengeful Specter. Does not provoke attacks of opportunity."

Objective - If Vengeful Specter is defeated or has clues on it equal to its remaining health, advance.

Borja Pindado
Murder at the Excelsior Hotel #47. Murder at the Excelsior Hotel #48.
The True Culprit (v. V)

Pawn on the Paranormal Board - Back


If this agenda advanced by reaching its doom threshold:

The mournful wail cascades over you like a wave of death. The specter - a ghostly image of a woman long since murdered - is beyond any hope of a peaceful afterlife. She seeks only vengeance, so that others might join her in purgatorial restlessness. You've killed for her once before and now, facing the full power of her undying gaze - black as the endless abyss - you're ready to do it again. Guest and staff alike fall by your hand until you collapse on the floor, soaked in the blood of innocents.(→R2)

If this agenda advanced because you completed its objective:

The locket rests in your open hand and you consider it now, standing in the sudden silence of the hotel. It seems such a simple thing, but this memento of dark events had a hand in the turmoils of the Excelsior, despite its unassuming appearance. You slide it into your pocket and turn toward the door, breathing a bit easier. You find some measure of comfort in knowing that the strange goings-on of the Excelsior have been put to rest, at least for now.(→R1)

The True Culprit (v. V)

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