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Test Icons:

Silas Marsh deck only. Replacement.

If a chaos token with a negative modifier is revealed during this test, either draw 1 card or Nautical Prowess gains .

Stephen Somers
The Deep Gate #14.
Nautical Prowess

A nice signature asset, although it's a skill, since it belongs to Silas Marsh. It gives a decent boost to his worst stats and a icon for everything else, with the added bonus of an extra should you need it or a card if you don't. Being a skill, it has all the jankery we have come to expect from Silas, letting you fish on tests until you find the perfect moment to let it go off.

It's attached to a signature weakness that is fairly manageable, so it's up to personal preference whether you want to go with the "box," "book," or both signature sets.

Remember also that since the timing for its effect is IF (which comes before AFTER effects) you reveal the token, so you can draw a card with it and then use his ability to return it to your hand! — Death by Chocolate · 979
Oh, nice! — LivefromBenefitSt · 794