Lazy Joe Hates Investigating

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Soloclue · 697

Hello, my name's Diamond. Joe Diamond. I hate investigating.

Now you may think, I thought you were a private investigator - emphasis on investigator. Sure, but I'm also lazy as hell. A bit of an Engima as far as investigators go in that, I don't like investigating. Investigating opens the door to failure. We can't have failure.

If I have to investigate, I don't mind using my Flashlight on a Shroud 2 location, or saying a few Hail Mary's with my Magnifying Glass or Deduction. But I'd rather just not investigate, at all.

Dr. Milan can stay home. My Art Students do most of my dirty work. When they get tired of discovering clues for me like the lazy bastards they are, I'm Calling in Favors to get a new Art Student who's willing to do some work around here. Maybe if they had True Understanding of the horrors around here as I do, they'd be more eager to pick up some clues so we can get our asses out of here.

But when my Art Students aren't going to do work, I'm full of hunches. Hunch hunch hunch. I love Working a Hunch, and nothing invigorates me like being at the Scene of the Crime. Should there be a Humanoid at the Scene of the Crime, you'd better believe I'm going to Interrogate their sorry ass before using my skills of Persuasion to get them to vamoose before things get hairy. I've never considered myself stylish, but these Fine Clothes certainly command attention when I'm talking to some of the sick bastards that lurk around these parts. And if my enemies don't listen, I'll chop 'em up with a Machete or pump 'em full of lead with my .45 Automatic, then use their dead body as Evidence! I never said this line of work was pretty... now maybe you can Connect the Dots regarding why I am so loath to do it. Heh, if you can do that, pretty soon you'll be taking my job getting clues.

All in all, my laziness allows me to get a lot of clues without testing anything.

Art Student: 2 clues/4 clues with Calling in Favors recursion.

True Understanding: 2 clues

Connect the Dots: 4 clues

Evidence!: 2 clues

Interrogate: 4 clues

Scene of the Crime: 4 clues

Working a Hunch: 2 clues

Maximum Clues from Enigma Investigation: 22 clues

Of course, this does not take into consideration when I do decide to investigate for real with my Flashlight, Magnifying Glass, or Deduction. It also does not take into consideration recursion from Detective's Colt 1911s on Insight events. So as lazy as I am, getting clues should be a breeze.

Did you hear that? Hmph. Guess I got to do all the work around here. The Colt and I are off to kill some monsters again. Maybe I'll see you around. Stay safe out there.


Mar 17, 2019 blairlos · 1

Love the way it looks, why the machete though? Might think about replacing that for the reload (don't remember the name of card) for the detective's colt.

Mar 17, 2019 scion of yog-sothoth · 14

Extra ammo requires experience; this is a level 0 deck. He might prefer Enchanted Blade, assuming the weapon won't stick around once he pulls the Colts.

Mar 17, 2019 Myriad · 563

It really needs two slots for on the hunt to reliably trigger your interrogates.

I would also pack shortcut to be able to combo with on the hunt, connect the dots, evidence, working a hunch and scene of the crime.

Mar 18, 2019 TheNameWasTaken · 2

@Myriad you don't reveal your hunch until the investigation phase begins, which means you don't know whether you'll be able to Interrogate or Scene of the Crime when it's time to draw your encounter card, so On the Hunt is probably not that important. Unless you keep those events in your main deck, I guess.

Mar 18, 2019 Myriad · 563

That's the idea. Anything that is comboey you play from hand rather than hunch.

With that said, I would probably keep Scene of the Crime in hunch and just go second in multiplayer. You can be kind of cheeky and scout the encounter deck that way, using on the hunt if you have interrogate in hand.

Mar 19, 2019 Chew · 49

Making students do all the work? It's called postdoc