"Ashcan" Pete in the town of Dunwich

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Time4Tiddy · 67

After getting what we felt was a positive result from Blood on the Altar, we are continuing our exploration of Dunwich. The only changes from the previous deck here are the addition of Earl Sawyer as a story asset and then use of XP to pick up Charisma (finally) so that I can play him along with another ally. I also swapped out one of my Knife cards for Rise to the Occasion.

Lone Wolf proved to be extremely useful in the last scenario, just requiring a bit of finesse on turn order so that I would always start off alone. Duke's ability to move and investigate helped me to get to Daisy quickly as needed while still doing something useful.

Our house rules: we are only able to acquire cards from a deck after we complete the preceding scenario, so we only have access to cards through Undimensioned and Unseen. Once the new deck is open we can make a one to one swap for any new cards (and only new cards) with the same pip value, and then use experience to buy cards from any available deck.

This "Ashcan" Pete deck is partnered with Daisy Walker: (https://arkhamdb.com/decklist/view/11827/daisy-walker-in-the-town-of-dunwich-3.0)