Locked in Murphy

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unitled · 1564

It's me, Peter!

Silly idea for a deck that I threw together when we got Small Favor to tease on the cast :)

The idea is for Rex to stand in one place, collecting Clues from around the map using various tricks, and dropping them on HIS location (then finding them again), all while using Barricade to keep you safe from Enemies. I have no idea how it functions as a deck, though it was nice finding a funky use for the 'favor' themed cards!


Jun 22, 2019 Lemmingrad · 9

As someone who loves Command Center style seeker decks, the lack of Barricade(3) bothers me.

But yeah, always half-joked about a Rex build like this ever since I first read about the Rex variant of a Command Center deck (more so after Connect the Dots), and glad to see DTTF also come up with an interesting idea.

Jun 24, 2019 Sassenach · 52

I presume you're better acquainted with the rules than I am, but wouldn't this approach make the Hawkeyes redundant ? The wording on the card is "at your location" and there's a limit of once per location. I guess with In The Know it does say that you investigate as if you were at that location, but Connect the Dots and Deciphered Reality clearly wouldn't trigger the cameras so it could be slow going if you don't manage to get In the Know early.

Jun 24, 2019 unitled · 1564

I did consider this @Sassenach but the theme on the camera for Rex was too good to pass up... I would imagine Rex will manage to investigate some other locations before he gets his bunker set up, but you could certainly stick with the Magnifying Glass here.

Jun 24, 2019 scion of yog-sothoth · 14

Where did Small Favor get spoiled?

Jun 24, 2019 Sassenach · 52

I'd love to see this deck in combination with a sniper Roland deck and then some kind of nippy gopher type (Wendy or Rita with track shoes perhaps). Roland can take In the Know, Connect the Dots, Crack the Case and Quick Study. He can also take a rifle with Telescopic Sight and Dynamite Blast. Set up behind the barricade with Rex and let them both keep cycling through grabbing clues, dropping clues, feeding each other resources through CtC and spending them on action at a distance. The gopher's job is just to run around and reveal every location, evade enemies or try to draw them into spaces adjacent to the base. Roland could them blow them up with dynamite or pop them off with the rifle. Any enemies who spawn within the barricade could then be dealt with too.

It would only work for certain scenarios but it could be game-breakingly good in the right circumstances.

Jun 25, 2019 Django · 2048

@SassenachSounds like a fun combo. Would Roland and Rex stay at a low or high shroud location, to get the most out of Crack the Case? Rex should have no problem with high shroud, but Roland could get clues only through his ability back.

Not sure how useful In the Know is for roland, with his low of 2. He could add Alice Luxley, Bandolier and some hand slot, to be safe, but that's a lot of setup.

Before barricading, rex could set some Shortcuts. Besides saving move actions, It also allows the herder to take enemies with them w/o OA to put them in better position for Dynamite Blast. Maybe add in Bait and Switch as well.

Jun 28, 2019 zozo · 1519

hey @scion of yog-sothothit got announced on Drawn to the Flame, episode 124: drawntotheflamepodcast.blogspot.com