Norman Withers Teaches A Photography Elective

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Norman Withers Teaches A Photography Elective 0 0 0 3.0
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alpha5099 · 38

My first published deck, and my attempt to see if Norman Withers can get in on the Hawk-Eye Folding Camera action.

Inspired by Brownloaf's "Snap snap, grin grin, wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more!" and StyxTBeuford's "Pictures of an Exhibition - Marie Lambeau" decks:

The gameplan is the same: get lots of clues, power up Hawk-Eye Folding Camera, have absurdly high Willpower and Intellect, and go wild.

Norman's in a weird position as an investigator, having access to upgraded Mystic cards but only five Level 0 cards. Wither is here because A) it's appropriate for Norman Withers and B) because it might be best to not upgrade out of your limited number of Level 0 Mystic cards. Norman's gotta make it through Scenario 1 so he can immediately get a Shrivelling or two, and build out his Mystic toolkit with future XP. The Arcane Initiateisn't doing much at Level 0, but will hopefully be pulling more weight once Norman buys more spells--alternatively, perhaps there's a better card for that last Mystic slot.

Trying to counteract some of the economy issues the other Camera decks might have, we have Dr. Milan Christopher. And you're already incentivized to be hoovering up clues for the Camera, so I thought trying Crack the Case to improve Norman's economy made sense.

Fingerprint Kit might be worth finding place for to speed up the clue acquisition. If only Norman had more hands.

As mentioned, this is my first published deck, so I welcome any and all constructive criticism!


Jul 07, 2019 zozo · 1519

Congratulations on a first publication! And great that Brownloaf's inspiring others to publish decks!

I really like this deck - Hawk-Eye + Hubert is an amazing combination. And I think your call in building for the future for Norman is spot on: those 5 level 0 might be part of a large upgrade strategy! I wonder if Rook might be useful over Milan, partly in light of taboo, and partly because digging for your key pieces would be further aided by Rook.

The other thing I'd add is that this is pretty skill-heavy for a Norman deck. To make the most of his ability, you don't want the top card of your deck 'blocked' by a skill. Particularly as high level skills offer an in-built boost and you have Camera + Hubert already, perhaps Guts can be dropped in favour of... some more delicious events or the Fingerprint Kit!

Great work!

Jul 07, 2019 alpha5099 · 38

Ah, good point, I'd forgotten that Norman's ability doesn't work with skills. Thanks for the great feedback!

Jul 08, 2019 StyxTBeuford · 538

That 2x Mind over Matter combined with a potential 9 Intellect makes me think Norman was born to take pictures. Crack the Case is incredibly good economy for him too since the Cameras want to clear clues anyway. Very cool!

I think the one thing I'd change is I'd swap the Initiate and one skill card for two copies of Rook since he effectively digs for your spells anyway. That frees you up to take another level 0 mystic card, like Mists of R'lyeh (a good fit for his low agility).

Jul 08, 2019 kgriffin66642 · 1

HA! love the title of this deck.