Lola and Sefina Stagger to The Last King

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Derived from
Lola and Sefina Take Their Curtain Call 0 0 0 2.0
Inspiration for
Lola and Sefina Hear the Echoes 0 0 3 1.0

Limecrete · 20

Our curtain call was unfortunately not very successful. Lola and Sefina got off to a roaring start, clearing the first act easily and investigating the hell out of the The Man in the Pallid Mask. Suddenly, we were swarmed with monsters we could not fight fast enough, and both wound up going insane and taking a mental trauma forward into The Last King.

One bright spot is that we cleared several rooms, gathering 5xp in the process. I used four of those xp to upgrade the Magnifying Glass and take a permanent Charisma to boost the potential of my allies.

Can these artists bounce back? Or will we sink even deeper into madness?