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picollo · 173

Deck created for Mythos Busters contest.

My unpopular card of choice is Joey Joey "The Rat" Vigil. I've decided to build deck that should be able to work pretty well in two player environment, while focusing more on clue gathering, but hopefully being able to deal some bits of damage. This Preston should be also pretty durable. More durable than average investigator at least.

How this deck works? We want two cards in play pretty fast:

Joey "The Rat" Vigil giving us big action advantage, and flexibility.

Backpack- we have multiple items doing various things, but backpack should be most reliable of those. Assuming that we have 1-2 more intems in hand, paired with backpack we sould have full package of items to be smuggled by Joey.

Main clue gathering engine works like following: Joe drops Shovel, we discard shovel to gather high shroud clue, then use flashlight on 2 shroud and try to recover shovel on low shroud location. You can do this using double or nothing resourceful- then you return two items, or you try to pass by 2, and use scavenging.

Now our little supporting engines:

1)How to find Joey. a)Draw Joey and play him b)draw cat, play him, then call for help. Yes, main purpose of cat is to find Joey.

2)PLaying with this deck you want to do as many things testlessly as possible. But sometimes you just have to scavenge things. When you do this you have some supporting mechanics:

a)Cornered and plucky. Those can help in many different situations, but sometimes you just have to brute force test. When you do, use those. b)Daring manuever similar role as previous point, but when you use this on 0 shroud location, you can guarantee win by 2 without overcommiting. Bonus point for another unpopular card. c)double or nothing and resourceful. Double or nothing is here only to support resourceful. And only for that. Again, play this on 0 shroud location, use daring manuever with that, and return those pretty items to your hand. d)backpack. Sounds pretty obvious, but some considerations. In this deck you are fine with discarding backpack even with few items remaining. you fuel your discard pile palette, and you can even scavenge backpack to use it again.

3)In this deck you might not need your coat/keepsake out as soon as possible. Yea, teddy has no other contenders for slot, but coat might be blocked by backpack. Remember that Joey can drop coat in the middle of treachery. Figure out your timings, and play coat when needed. No need to hurry.

I'm kinda sad that I had to include Cornered and plucky, because most of the time it seemed that I'll be able to keep this deck 0xp, but then I've figured out that preston has no decent lvl 0 method to pump out investigation. On the other hand, plucky is fast, so this means that you can cheat almost every asset into play without using actions.