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Dev Null 2

This is not even supposed to be some kind of ideal deck; this is where my Jim Culver ended up, after the first half of the Dunwich campaign. Also, we only own one base set, so I don't have duplicates of things that were intended to be rare/unique, and I'm playing two-player with a Red character, so I didn't steal any Red cards, nor did I take both of any of the gray upgrades. Things I would do differently, were I to do it again:

Book of Shadows doesn't seem worth it; I can never afford to spend an action charging something up. Have literally never used it since buying it.

Clarity of Mind again eats more actions than I really feel I can afford. When you need this, it saves the day, but mostly it sits unused. I'd probably drop at least one of them.

Grotesque Statue seems a lot more useful than I'd originally thought; I would (and probably will) replace the Book of Shadows with it.

When the Agenda progresses, you remove the Doom token(s) from Blood Pact and Arcane Initiate. I hadn't realized this at first, so I didn't take the one, and was wary of playing the other. Now that I know how this works, Blood Pact could definitely be useful.