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VermillionDe · 220

This version of Agnes is good individually or in a group as the goal is to be flexible. Rather than relying on individual evade cards (that water down her card draws) I prefer to rely on dig deep to get out of dodge by boosting Dexterity. It's also helpful if you absolutely have to land a punch for Shrivelling as well.

Drawn to the Flame and "Look What I found!" form the backbone of clue gathering for Agnes since her Investigating is somewhat lacking. Take the risk checks on low shrouds but don't even both on anything above 2, use Rabbit's foot and mill for a solution.

Arcane Initiate (if played properly) is a great way to sift down through the deck, paired with Heirloom of Hyperborea (if you can get it) can lead to some great card generation. However, don't get too attached to her as an ally since her and Fearless will be the first cards to be replaced by Books of Shadows. From there I save up for two Grotesque Statues (replacing Unexpected Courage) to help control randomness from Chaos tokens.

Accessory slots are a bit competitive in this deck, while it's nice to have the extra 1 Will from Rosary beads, remember that it's primary purpose is to keep you from going bonkers so if there isn't an easy target for her ability, let something else soak it up. You'll need the brains.

Remember that Dark Memory is a spell, this is both good and bad. Good because if you have Heirloom of Hyperborea out then you draw a card for your trouble, but bad because the Arcane Initiate will grab it if she sees it. Also why you'll be dumping her early.

As for other experience spends (if you get up that high). I usually upgrade Blinding Light before I worry about any Survivor cards, even then I'm more likely to replace a Rosary Beads with an Elder Sign Amulet. If you need Aquinnah then you're not managing your horror/damage ability correctly, consider Mind Blank instead. It has better synergies in this deck.