Calvin and Hobbles MUR

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None. Self-made deck here.
Inspiration for
Calvin Wright - TTS The Forgotten Age Campaign 0 0 0 1.0

Huckmant · 23

Level 0 Calvin Wright deck built during Episode 39 of Miskatonic University Radio with guest host Tim Fiscus ("I've Got A Plan" Podcast).

This deck is focused more on working as a primary combatant and "tank" for group play (2-4 players) and is not designed for solo play.

Some early upgrades discussed on the episode today include:

Mrs. Norris... um, I mean Miss Doyle (1) Five of Pentacles (1) - very early! Blood Eclipse (3) Devil's Luck (1) Peter Sylvestre (2) Ward of Protection (2) Jessica Hyde (1)

Not discussed, but should be mentioned as excellent Calvin upgrades: "I've Had Worse!" (2) Timeworn Brand (5) Rabbit's Foot (3)

Yaotl/Cornered for a Desperate Calvin build

On Your Own for a Event based Calvin build

Check out Episode 39 for a tour of Calvin and Hobbles! (The single, one-legged stuffed tiger aka Cherished Keepsake).