Roland, just do it!

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Django · 3498


This build focuses on cards that do not require tests to do stuff, so you can just do it!

I use this build in a 3 man party, with Roland as primary fighter, while killing and taking clues for free (no action required). For solo i'd probably replace perception with flashlight.

Basic Strategy

Kill stuff and take clues for free.

Advanced strategy

You can take enemies with you (though you take an OA from the enemy) to a location with clues, before killing them, to trigger rolands abiliy and take clues for free.

You can also provoke an OA (by taking an action that is not fight, evade or parley, like taking a card) and assign the damage to the dog, so he kills it. Which will trigger rolands ability, allow you to play evidence, basically just do it!

Starting Hand

Priority: Book, Weapon, Dog



May 22, 2017 zozo · 2294

Django, I've no other way of contacting you except through here. Hope you don't mind a comment like this to reach you. The FAQ entries are added by me now. I only add things confirmed by Matt Newman, the lead designer, so I don't add 'confirmed by Matt Newman' after every post. I ask players who have emailed Matt to send me any rulings they get and I try to add them to the relevant page. For Rise to the Occasion, I forgot - but it's added now!

May 22, 2017 Django · 3498

Yes, this page has no "PM" function, thanks for your reply. You may contact me on FFG forum by PM, i registered there for a rules question, if you also got an account there.

Can you add to permanent cards and update the rules section of arkhamDB, the last paragraph is wrong:

  • A card with the permanent keyword cannot be discarded by any means.

Instead it should be,

  • A card with the permanent keyword cannot leave play by any means.

See my thread from the FFG forum here.