Abandoned and Alone - Sharpshooter Wini

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Ian_MB · 3817

This is the starting version of what will eventually be the Sharpshooter Wini deck used on the Abandoned and Alone series (a Mythos Busters production). The eventual idea will be to upgrade to Sharpshooter, and test out that card to its fullest. Tune in to the Abandoned and Alone series on the Mythos Busters feed to hear all the details!


Jan 05, 2021 DigitalAgeHermit · 17

Good luck, Ian! Which campaign are you running?

I ran Sharpshooter and Mauser C96 in my Wini/Stella RtTFA run a couple months back. I got it later in the campaign so only got to play with it in a couple of scenarios. I found it to be situationally very strong, and on average at least as good (in Wini at least) as most skill-boosting Talents in its XP range, though obviously limited to firearm attacks only.

Jan 05, 2021 endoviking · 19

I began listening yesterday. Thoughts on streetwise upgrade? Perhaps those could be the card that gets the bump for sharpshooter? With the vengeance mechanic, TFA is an interesting choice to test out a card which turns evaders into more efficient murderers. Can't wait to see how it goes.

BTW I still think lockpicks are going to be a more interesting choice than flashlight, especially with lucky cig, momentum, mauser, watch this, quick thinking, arrogance, etc. They set up a test every turn that you are automatically up by like 3 or 4 or more without any skills. My problem is with level 0 lockpicks, which I really don't care for. Anyway, looking forward to the series. This is my first A&A listen.

Jan 06, 2021 acotgreave · 670

I'm excited about seeing this deck develop over the campaign. It'll be great to hear how you get on.

As I said on Discord, Sharpshooter with Momentum was a great combo for big enemies. It enables you to use one ammo on a gun (ooh - the Beretta M1918 is such fun) and test with a hugely boosted Agility. Then, second action, use boosted Combat to inflict more damage.

Because you have Wini, you can boost both the tests quite happily.

Unlike DigitalAgeHermit, I got Sharpshooter really early on, and have had lots of fun with it in Return to Forgotten Age.

Jan 06, 2021 Ian_MB · 3817

@DigitalAgeHermitThanks! I'm definitely excited to see how it will work out in practice. I've been intrigued by the card since I first saw it spoiled.

@endovikingStreetwise could certainly be an option at some point, depending on how much xp I can pile up along the way. It's definitely more attainable with the most recent taboo update. I do like lockpicks quite a bit in general, but decided to go flashlight to provide another sleight target. But I'll definitely think about it.

@acotgreaveDefinitely a good call. I love Momentum in general, but I agree that it seems like it'll give some added bang for the buck for Sharpshooter.