Hello my name is Zoey I'd like to talk to you about God

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Smokebomb · 85

Zoey loves to talk to people about God just as much as she likes God talking with her. Sadly cultists and humanoid monsters never stay still so she can talk with them. Luckily she's found a novel solution she simply handcuffs them to her so she can engage them in conversation at her leisure some times getting their attention by blowing her handy silver whistle. They can often be convinced to confess to the crimes they've committed or simply interrogated for clues. If they are "uncooperative" her and her pal Grete can employ harsher methods that tend to extract evidence of their crimes. Zoey has also found it useful to have a number of "enemies" around to remind her not to go down without a fight. She's also gotten good at scrounging around the Bible for passages that might work a second time. As she continues her mission she may find it useful to hunt for more relics to help her or move away from conversation to other Persuasion tools. But whatever happens she's ready to spread the word of God to all orders of people hidden from his light.


May 03, 2021 LivefromBenefitSt · 633

Maybe a Book of Psalms, so Zoey has something to read to them from?