"Wrecks" Murphy

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Scrybe · 278

Rex "Wrecks" Murphy is a hard-nosed investigative journalist who likes to get himself into trouble. He's seen his fair share of scrapes and has picked up a few essential tools along the way. No camera and magnifying glass for him. Knives and 'dusters are Rex's best friend.

This deck is designed for solo play. Rex should be able to handle the clues on his own, but he needs some help with enemy management. The idea is to play into the theme of Rex sticking his nose into issues and getting punched in it a few times in return. I wanted to give him a bit of an edgy side.

Most of the boosts are for combat as that is where he needs the help, but there are still some good Seeker cards in there as well.

It's a fairly cheap deck, but Dr. Milan Christopher, Burning the Midnight Oil and Crack the Case should generate some extra resources to fuel Hard Knocks.


Jun 01, 2021 LivefromBenefitSt · 688

This takes the concept of "hard-hitting journalism" a little too far.

Jun 01, 2021 The Comforter · 107

Hard Knocks Rex is WILD. I imagine the resource generation is sufficient, but I might even toss in Burglary instead of the Knuckleduster? The combat boost from Survival Knife feels necessary to get anywhere near enough combat for Rex... but I do get the thematic side too :P

Jun 01, 2021 guybrush · 6

@LivefromBenefitSt netrunnerdb.com

I'll just leave this here

Jun 06, 2021 Soul_Turtle · 1

I love this deck. Is it any good? I have no idea. But man is it creative. Seeker Economy + Hard Knocks = Knuckleduster deck??? Amazing.