Cost: 0.
Test Icons:

Investigate. When this action begins, gain 2 resources.

You'll sleep when you're dead.
Paolo Puggioni
Harvey Walters #14.
Burning the Midnight Oil

Other, wiser reviewers may find sophisticated uses for this card, but I'll be considering only the obvious use -- to make some dough doing what you were gonna do anyway. Obviously, as a seeker, this is an easy card to play. Investigate your location, grab a couple resources. The question: is this benefit substantial enough for this card to deserve a place in your deck?


First of all, let's keep context in mind. This is part of a starter deck designed to welcome new players to the game. A card with a nice simple effect like this is definitely beginner-friendly. It'll almost never be a dead draw, there are no complicated interactions to work out, no need to check the FAQ.

Also, there is a small advantage to getting the resources before you do the check. That means you can instantly spend them to boost something like Higher Education or Hyperawareness. I'm not sure how often this would matter -- pretty much only when you're broke, it seems -- but it's better than getting those same resources after the check, and definitely better than those resources being contingent on a successful check.

All the same, I have a hard time seeing a deck in which the Midnight Oil would be more effective that Crack the Case, which can easily net you 3 or 4 resources for the same action economy, and in some situations, more. The Midnight Oil might be handier in the first turn, helping you get down some pricier assets, but after that, it seems less bang for your buck, or fewer bucks for your bang, or something.

Verdict: I'm glad this card exists, because it's simple and user-friendly. It makes perfect sense as part of an entry-level deck you can snag for $15. But for players interested in optimizing their decks, and who have invested in a fuller collection, there are better options.

I would agree that this pales in comparison to Crack the Case for the most part. It has a few niche advantages beyond resource sink cards though. CtC does require you clear a location first before getting the resources, this does not (and in fact triggers regardless of the outcome). This can help you set up quicker before you go out hunting for clues. Also, this card works with Ursula's ability, and Ursula herself is a bit limited in more resource options. — StyxTBeuford · 2081
I would consider Crack the Case to be better but it is only better situationally. I have had Crack the Case and didn't want to play it because I was on a 2 shroud. Or I had to wait until I had cleared several clues. One issue with this card is that it has the bold Investigate action and can't be combined with Flashlight, Fingerprint Kit or untested clue cards. I think the comparison for this card should be Emergency Cache which I find it slightly more useful than since I might only need 2R and I save an action (although an investigate action is used) by playing this card. — TWWaterfalls · 539
I think this cards succeeds CtC, if you are playing a farsight deck, basically giving you a fast investigation + 2 ressources — niklas1meyer · 1
Yeah, my go-fast Ursula deck every so often hits a speedbump if I don't get Dream Diary in my opening hand and have to rely on a Research Librarian to drag it out of the deck, so this would be a nice little bump early on in any scenario, and maybe welocme even toward the end. — LivefromBenefitSt · 95