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Not visible for some users right now: Talisman of Protection x2

Lily seems to be one of the investigators from Edge of the Earth that the community is the most excited about. Let's look together at how to build a fun, accessible and effective deck for her!


Lily Chen uses her incredible to whirlwind her Godlike Hammer.


Artwork: Lily Chen for Pan Pride by Alana Meyers


Everyone knows it, once it's hammer time, things get serious... Unless you pull the autofail. Try this deck that mixes a great deal of damage with a decent capacity to get clues while being highly protected from the Encounter Deck.

This deck has been built for a blind run of The Edge of the Earth with Jack Monterey.

Table of Content:

• Overview

• Main Strategy

• Playing the early game with the Dragon Pole

• Filling your Arcane Slots

• Tutoring your Arcane fillers

• Backup Weapon

• Upgrade your Weapon

• Boost your stats

• Disciplines

• Clue Support

• Mulligan

• Upgrade Path

• Make your own deck!


Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆

Enemy Management: ★★★★★

Clue-getting: ★★★☆☆

Encounter protection: ★★★★☆

Survivability: ★★★★☆

Economy: ★★★☆☆

Card Drawing: ★★★☆☆

Main Strategy:

• Spam your Cyclopean Hammer with your high stat to have a high chance of activating the +2 damage bonus.

• Use your Discipline to stay alive.

• Fill up your empty hand with the Discipline.

• Kill end campaign bosses with 6 attacks in one turn using the Discipline.

• Help speed up the game by discovering clues when there is no enemy.

Playing the early game with the Dragon Pole:

• Lily Chen was revealed with her intended weapon: the very thematic Dragon Pole, also called by one of the first users proposing a deck for her: her Broomstick of Doom.

• Thinking of having 5 Arcane Slots with Familiar Spirit, Bandolier+Sign Magick is unnecessary on the first scenarios when attacking with 6 is often enough (especially with no Ammo involved). So let's focus on filling up 3 Arcane Slots as easily as possible to have 7 without needing to take the Discipline.

Filling your Arcane Slots:

• Scrying is cheap and quite useful (compared to Alchemical Transmutation). You will use it on a "lost" action when waiting for an enemy to be drawn. The best way to use it is on the Encounter cards as it gives you a chance to tutor an enemy or at least direct some treacheries to you rather than on Jack/Bob and their low .

• Sixth Sense or Clairvoyance to support your cluever. Sixth Sense is more reliable as it doesn't risk hurting you, is cheaper and doesn't have charges. Clairvoyance, on the other hand, is interesting as you have only 2 Guts, so if you commit it, you want the best return on investment. You will also be able to use your Discipline's built-in ability on an investigation to get a maximum benefit. Personally, I would advise to have Sixth Sense if you are going the Path, and Clairvoyance if you will choose not to take the Path.

To learn more about the different Paths for Lily, please read the review on her dedicated Card Page

• Finally, the newly released Talisman of Protection because it is Fast. It is also decent protection, as we can guess that the Edge of the Earth campaign will come with a lot of damage/horror.

Tutoring your Arcane fillers:

Your Arcane Slot fillers are made of 2 types: Spells and Items.

Backpack will tutor your Talisman of Protection, alongside with your Holy Rosary to improve your clue-getting/Hallowed Mirror to improve your survivability and potentially your weapon. With 10 targets, you should hit between 2 and 3 results each time.

• Arcane Initiate is here to tutor your Spells, improving your draw that is just bad without her, at least before you get the Discipline. She also tutors Enchant Weapon!!

Note that this deck uses Delve Too Deep but use it if and only if you are already experienced otherwise, change it for 2 copies of Spectral Razor or Ward of Protection.

Backup Weapon:

Enchanted Blade is the best backup weapon for multiple reasons:

• It gives the +2 and +1 damage bonus when used.

• It is so it doesn't count for your 5 cards.

• It is still useful (as much as a knife) when out of charge.

Upgrade your Weapons:

• Once you have some experience, you will upgrade Dragon Pole into Cyclopean Hammer.

• Can you upgrade 1 main weapon only? It is 5 xp, so you want to mind the investment. To balance this, we will need some ways of tutoring it out efficiently. The classics are Backpack, upgraded right after the purchase of the main weapon into Backpack (2). Prepared for the Worst attached to Stick to the Plan is also a good way of increasing your chances of hitting it early. Finally your Discipline gives you an important card draw and therefore that many chances to find it.

• Why the Cyclopean Hammer? If you oversuceed, it does 3 damage per attack, with no ammo involved. Attach Enchant Weapon and you are attacking with 10 with at least 3 damage, 4 damage if you succed by 3 or more. Bring in 2 Disciplines and 3 static boosts and you are attacking with 11 on each attack.

• Why replacing the Dragon Pole? Because it takes a long time to set up: you need to play the weapon itself AND all the Arcane fillers. Enchanted Blade, on the other hand, is excellent while it still has charges and doesn't need any side set up.

• Other possibilities are the Butterfly Swords (5) that allow you to distribute the damage and give you more chances to draw an . To find more details about the difference between the main weapons, read the full review of Lily's Card

Boost your stats:

• To have a better success rate for your skill test, you need to improve your stat line, which you can do in 2 ways: your Disciplines and your card pool. We will review your card pool here and discuss the Discipline in the next section.

• As we're planning on flexing, we want to improve our that is used for both Attacks and Clue getting while keeping a decent for when you only have your Enchanted Blade.

• Early campaign, Holy Rosary will be a good boost alongside your Discipline.

• Unfortunately there is no static boost in the card pool and Beat Cop / Grete Wagner are simply too expensive and the slots are limited. Better wait to get Beat Cop (2) that you can heal with Hallowed Mirror for more uses.

• Ace of Swords is a decent way to get rid of useless cards and replace them with an ok way to boost your for the later campaign.


When looking at Disciplines, there are 3 things to consider:

• The Static Boost: in a Cyclopean Hammer you are interested in and . The is good for Encounter Protection.

• The one-off ability of the Discipline:

•• The most interesting is the Discipline that allows you draw cards when your hand is low. The less cards you have the more you draw, which translates into: the more you need it, the more it gives. It is especially interesting as drawing cards is the biggest weakness of most .

•• The Discipline gives you an incredible burst, allowing you to perform up to 6 attacks in one turn!

•• Finally the Discipline gives you a great survivability but it unfortunately only works for yourself. It is a free, permanent Painkillers + Smoking Pipe on steroids.

• Flipping it back to its Unbroken side after use:

•• The Discipline will be hard to flip back over as you need to play/commit at least 3 cards to have it back. But as you do not need the it doesn't really matter and it flips back as soon as you need it, so you can assume that it will be Broken most of the time.

•• The should also be fine as you will probably not have enemies anymore after you just made 6 attacks unless you draw one enemy during the Mythos Phase immediately after using it. This build doesn't need for anything else than Encounter Prot though, so it's no big deal.

•• The Discipline should be quite easy to switch back as you overall have a good encounter prot.

•• Finally, the is a big handicap as it forces you not to have a single skill test to find it back. You can assume that you will rarely use it especially looking at how important its static boost is.

• Conclusion on the Disciplines:

• For a Cyclopean Hammer build, Lily will potentially take the Disciplines as follows:

•• 1st the for its Static boost that will help clueving (and therefore move forward faster in the game) while also offering a good survivability.

•• 2nd: The is likely to be your second Discipline for the consistency that it brings: more cards to commit in skill checks and more chances to hit on your upgraded cards.

•• 3rd: the will be your 3rd Discipline because you do not need the Static boost, so you can use its built-in capacity every time you have an enemy to be very likely to kill it by spending one single action or against the nasty enemies at the end of the campaign.

Clue Support:

Why having Sixth Sense and not Shrivelling or Azure Flame as a main fighter?

While some might call it « flex », your goal is actually not to be a proper clue-getter but more to accelerate the game when there is no enemy on the board. We’ve all had that situation when you’re fully prepared but there are just 2-3 mythos phases without a single enemy.

The game is about a race against the Mythos, and defeating enemies helps you not being blocked in your quest, but does not move the story forward (besides exceptions). Getting clues is really what brings victory and by adding one spell to get clues, with an equivalent of 4 (up to 5), you improve greatly your chances of success.

I would still consider maybe Azure Flame if I am the only main fighter of a 4 people group to make sure that I have a 2-damage option as early as possible.


During the early campaign, your priorities for Mulligan will be anything that includes: Dragon Pole, Arcane Slots fillers and tutoring: Backpack, Arcane Initiate/Prepared for the Worst.

Later in the campaign, your one and only target is The Cyclopean Hammer. Keep anything that looks like The Mjölnir, a Backpack (2) or Prepared for the Worst.

Upgrade Path:

Here's the proposed Upgrade Path for Lily. Other interesting combos are listed below. You can also find some other possibilities for her like focusing on rather than on her Card's Page.

0xp - Discipline

• In the Thick of It Relic Hunter - 3xp - Total 3xp

• You do this to have both a soak and a healing card in play, so that would balance the negative aspect of In the Tick of It. It is especially good in Lily Chen as it gives her access to her other Disciplines earlier in the campaign.

I would only advise this for experienced players and in lesser difficulty modes.

• Scrying Enchant Weapon x2 - 6xp - Total 9xp

•• Enchant Weapon will be a new Arcane Slot filler and therefore can replace one of them. Scrying is good for tutoring but really action intensive so it is the first one to be replaced.

• Dragon Pole x1 Cyclopean Hammer x1 - 5xp - Total 14xp

•• Your main weapon until the end of the campaign. From now on, you need to improve your tutoring to get it out and you can start decreasing the number of Arcane Slot filler in your deck.

• Backpack x2 Backpack (2) - 4xp - Total 18xp

•• Your weapons and accessories are Items. You need this update as early as possible to make sure that you draw your single copy of Cyclopean Hammer at the beginning of each scenario.

15xp - Discipline

• Dragon Pole x1 + Overpower x1 Well Prepared x1 + Safeguard x1 - 4xp - Total 22xp

•• Now that you have access to all your tutor/draw options, you can replace your last Dragon Pole that you do not intent to play anymore. With Well Prepared in your deck, you do not need Overpower anymore.

• Arcane Initiate x2 Beat Cop (2) x2 - 4 xp - Total 26xp

•• Now that you have the Discipline, your draw is good enough to live without your Arcane Initiate.

• Talisman of Protection Enchanted Armor x2 - 4xp - Total 30xp

•• For 1 less resource but one more actions, you increase dramatically the soak. This is especially interesting as you will increase your and the difficulty of the test increases with the time, so does your as you play Holy Rosary.

30xp - Discipline

• Delve Too Deep x2 Ever Vigilant x2 - 4xp - Total 32xp

•• With the increase of Assets in your Deck, you could use a little help to set up your game faster.

Hallowed Mirror Hallowed Mirror (3) - 3xp - Total 35xp

The completely upgraded Lily Deck could end up somewhere along these lines

Make your own deck!

Other cards that are really good for Lily include:

• In the Thick of It for getting a Relic Hunter at deck creation. You have good healing on this lvl 0 deck, and this card would enable you to have both a soak and a healing card in play, so that would balance it. I would only advise this for experienced players and in lesser difficulty modes.

• The combo Holy Rosary and Nephthys (instead of or in addition to Beat Cop(2)) is incredible: generate tokens, seal them on Nephthys and release them for an extra 2 damage, while boosting your Cyclopean Hammer attacks.

• Bandolier (2) + Enchanted Blade (3) (instead of Overpower for example) for more draw and potentially skipping the Discipline.

• Empty Vessel instead of Deny Existence, or Hallowed Mirror that would be incredibly strong in this deck that does a lot of tests.

• Stick to the Plan with attached Emergency Cache, Ever Vigilant and Prepared for the Worst is a good way to evade needing to take the Discipline but it's very heavy on XP

• A completely different deck that focuses on getting the best out of the Down the Rabbit Hole that starts with Safeguard (0), Hallowed Mirror (0), Backpack (0), Beat Cop (0), Enchanted Blade. But to be honest, the new investigators are not really suited to this card as their class is supposed to transition almost fully on the course of the campaign.

• The upgraded On the Hunt (3) is also great if you have the spare XP as it hits all the time and brings some welcome resources.

• Leadership if you are pairing with some Cheesy Rogue, as second support after "Let me handle this!" that also brings cash.

• If you are playing with 3 or more players, First Watch to replace "Let me handle this!" and upgrade to Stand Together to replace Emergency Cache, especially after upgrading to Safeguard (2).

• Ace of Swords if you feel like your is too low and you really miss the Discipline.

Of course, this is considering a blind run of the Edge of the Earth campaign, not knowing what's in the scenarios.

To learn more about Lily, visit the review on her Card's Page and leave comments to let the community know about the best way to build her! If the build changes a lot from this one, I will post another deck.

Now that you know everything about her go and enjoy the Martial Artist!


Sep 26, 2021 yuri · 1

Two minor nitpicks:

  • You didn't change her Burdens of Destiny to 1 copy for this decklist. Which means if anyone just makes the deck from this directly off this list they gonna have 3 extra copies.

  • Playing E-Blade and Dragon Pole, have major transitional issues in this deck without Bandolier. I don't know if Lvl 0 Backpack is even any good since its a pretty big econ investment with a small chance of hitting what you want. Granted there are 11 targets, but I think you're better off playing lvl 0 bandolier instead.