Sledding Synergy Lola, halfway through Carcosa.

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DerBK · 345

This is a continuation of this level zero deck: I changed some minor things following some feedback i got, but it's very similar.

Halfway through the Carcosa campaign, Bob and Lola are (miraculously) still standing and the decks are starting do look less like piles and more like... well, actual decks.

Bob deck:

The XP so far pretty much went completely into supporting the two main themes of the deck (Doggos and Synergy). Between Lucid Dreaming and Calling Favors on the one side and Short Supply with Scrounge and Chance Encounter on the other side, finding the dogs is not too difficult. Getting 3 dogs happens rather fast, the fourth sometimes takes a bit longer but so far it did always turn up around halfway through the scenario. Don't underestimate how fast Forced Learning tears through that deck. The Star supercharges the dogs and makes them tanky as hell... something i desperately need.

For Synergy, i bought all of the Synergy cards. All of them. Gang Up is probably the best card in the whole deck, but the other ones all pull some serious weight as well. Playing Oath, the deck felt very powerful thanks to these cards. Oh, and yeah... i bought Sacred Covenant while none of my investigators can produce even a single bless token. Still worth it, as it powers up a dozen cards in the deck.

The deck has two issues though:
I) It's utterly unplayable on anything more difficult than Standard. There's a lot of testing 6 against 3 and clenching.
II) I started the campaign with 2 phys trauma and 1 mental trauma right after deck building and picked up another phys trauma in Oath. Oh, and going into Phantom i will pick up another mental trauma because i burned down the dinner party. This combined with Charon's Obol again leads to a lot of clenching :D I made it through Oath, which is what i was most afraid of... but still. It could be over at any point.

I'll post the final Lola deck when the campaign is done. One way or another.