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DerBK · 345

First time Lola enjoyer here, and i am going to make this a wild one right away. The issue i always had with Lola is how there are way to make her work - but most of those ways end up being better on other investigators anyways. So what's the point, right? Then RtTCU came around and gave us all those tarots and surely that's Lolas chance to shine? Well, that kinda failed to looking at the XP that deck would need before it did something.

But surely Synergy is different, right? Right? Surely.

The deck uses Lolas multiclass access to put a bunch of permanents into play that will enable the Synergy cards from Edge of the Earth which all gain bonuses for each class you have assets in. For example, if you have one asset of each class, you can Gang Up for 6 damage. Pretty sweet. However, the synergy cards do all cost XP, so stay tuned i guess! It also runs Sled Dogs and (at least later) a couple cards to support them. That gives Lola a way of doing relevant stuff, on assets that are neutral so they are safe from Crisis of Identity. Neato.

Step 1: Permanents

EotE gives each class a zero XP permanent, but only 2 of those are relevant for this deck. So lets see what we are working with:
Guardian: This one is really bad for this deck. Pass. Sadly it doesn't get better in XP ranges. I will solve this by including The Star and The Ace of Swords later on.
Seeker: The cheeky Shrewd Analysis is a Lola staple. But we also want Forced Learning, to increase our deck size to 50. This does two things for us: It does defuse Crisis somewhat. But more importantly, it makes her deck building requirement of 3x7 cards of a class much easier to fulfill.
Rogue: We can't play Underworld Support, because sledding around with one dog is no fun. There are lots of good XP options, though.
Mystic: This is a bit yikes. ├Źnto the Rabbit Hole would eat up our XP. The XP options don't do anything for us. That leaves Arcane Research which gives a trauma... i take the trauma, just to be done with it. I don't want to spend XP on a useless Covenant or Blood Pact and i don't want to play mystic assets because i plan on being in that class a decent amount of time.
Survivor: Short Supply is pretty good here. Most of the time its going to be just a do-nothing, but it can also set up Resourceful, Scrounge and Chance Encounter.
Neutral: These aren't needed for Synergy, of course. But In the Think of It lets me start with Charisma, so i can assemble the whole sled team right from the start.

Step 2: Deciding on the three "main" classes

Okay, this was somewhat easy. Survivor gives a lot of good events that help mitigate Lolas stat line as well as a couple nice skills that i want. Mystic has the ever popular Razor and Signs as well as Promise. All great cards that work fine with low(ish) stats. Finally, Seeker gives some throwaway allies that can keep the ally slot warm while i am searching for the doggos. I expect to spend most of my time in Survivor role, some in Mystic and very little in the other three.

Step 3: 6/6 that starts with 3 trauma? Nice.

Lola is kinda fragile and starting with In the Thick of It and Arcane Research doesn't help. I put in a generous amount of soak, healing and prevention to keep her standing. I'll see how much is actually needed and tweak it later.

Step 4: ???

Step 5: Hopefully profit.

This deck is really hungry for XP right now. I want the good Synergy cards. I want Chance Encounter(2). I want the blue tarots. And that's just the immediate stuff to get the deck off the grounds. No idea about the priorities yet. I'll wing it.

The deck will be played in a two-handed campaign. I don't know yet which investigator i'll use to pair her up with. It needs to be someone who can do the Seeker part but also fight at least a bit... Maybe Norman? Winifred? I also don't know yet which campaign. Usually, the XP requirements of this deck would make me want to start TFA, but i just finished that yesterday, so something else is in order. Something where the first scenarios pay out well. TCU or Carcosa, i suppose.

If anyone has any suggestions, i would be eager to hear them. Building a 50 card Lola is really difficult :D

Once the campaign is done, i will post the final Lola deck as well, of course.

EDIT: Step 6: Do some changes to the deck before even starting!

-2 Able Bodied, -2 Delve Too Deep, -1 Thermos, -1 Perseverance
+2 Drawn to the Flame, +2 Small Favor, +2 Intel Report

The deck needs to actually do more instead of just spinning its wheels. Adding four more clue discovery tools and 2 cards to snipe cultists and such should help.

EDIT No2: Step 7: Sure, let's use Obol. What could go wrong?

-1 Charisma, -1 Thermos, -1 Small Favor
+1 Charon's Obol, +2 Gang Up

Okay, so maybe we don't immediately need Charisma after all. Putting in Obol gives us an extra 2XP from the card, something i desperately need. After all, i need to buy Charisma :D This also allows me to put in 2 copies of Gang Up, to start the Synergy train. Between Gang Up, Razor, the one copy of Favor and possibly 2 dogs there is now some basic fightyness happening while the clue events cover the other part of the game. Paired up with another flexy investigator this should work!

EDIT No3: Step 8: It's Bob! It's Carcosa!

The campaign is going to be Carcosa, which means a) Lola is straight at home and b) we get to ride our sled dogs through the dinner party.

Also, Lola is going to be accompanied by Bob Jenkins, who is approaching all of this nonsense fairly open minded and can be built into whatever is needed.
Bob deck:


Nov 30, 2021 Swordace · 37

My advice is that using 3xp from In the Thick of It to buy Adaptable or Charon's Obol, carrying more item assets to equip Geared Up to fill in the demand of 5 colors to trigger synergy cards.

Nov 30, 2021 DerBK · 345

Hm, i think Geared Up is super bad. Tbh i want it nowhere near a deck of mine. And in this case specifically, i would need a whole lot of item assets to make sure i have three in my starting hand. Lola's weakness and a bunch of item assets is not a great combo.

What to do with the XP from The Thick of It is a much better discussion to have, though! And i really like the idea of starting with Obol. I need the XP and this is an extra scenario where i gain from Obol. Then again... Lola is fragile and this is some real high risk stuff :D Adaptable might be the safer choice. For the other two XP i could get 2 Gang Up to get the Synergy train rolling...

Of course that would leave me without the Charisma, which would have to be a snap buy after the first scenario then. Sure, i could see that.

Nov 30, 2021 Swordace · 37

Well, if there no any in your team just take Charon's Obol if you gurantee you could survive. You think Geared Up is bad because you design you deck without considering it. Your deck is totally based on events. You could view my Lola deck and get new ideas.

Jan 02, 2022 honorablediscord · 1

honestly your best bet is to just have bob give you one of his rogue cards till you add it to your deck. It is what he was made to do. Really dig this deck.

Jan 02, 2022 DerBK · 345

It's been a really fun deck to play, too. One of my favorites of the last couple that i did. Lola? Enjoyable? Who would've thought?

I "fixed" the rogue asset thing by using the 3XP from In The Thick Of It for Charon's Obol and a Gang Up instead of Charisma. Meant i had to play one scenario without being able to assemble the whole sled team, but was well worth it.

By the way, i posted updates for this deck with the XP progression, once mid-campaign and once after being finished: