Favor. Service.

Cost: 2.
Test Icons:

Discover 1 clue at your location.

When you play Intel Report, increase its cost by 2: Change "Discover 1 clue" to "Discover 2 clues."

When you play Intel Report, increase its cost by 2: Change "at your location" to "at a location up to 2 connections away."

Alexandre Dainche
The Secret Name #111.
Intel Report

This suit of cards, (Decoy, Small Favor, Intel Report) has its ups and downs, Intel Report is definitely among the ups.

This card is essentially 3 in one:

  • 1 card, 2 resources and 1 action is an unimpressive trade for 1 clue. Serves as a solo niche that can pull the clue from a high shroud spot.
  • 2 clues for 2 more resources is very reasonable, the card might be printed with just this ability and it'd see play. 2 clues clears a lot of locations in duo and deals with the vast majority of hard spots in solo.
  • Clues at range is very circumstantial. It's nearly useless solo since locations don't typically have clues on them unless you visit them, thus you'd need to backtrack or flee a location for it to have clues. Note the combo with Think on Your Feet. This effect is way better in multiplayer where you can effectively complete locations that a friend revealed.

Grab Intel Report if you're the designated clue dude, if your name is Preston Fairmont, or if you worry that the team might choke on clue focused maps.

Shout out for Intel Report in a Rex Murphy deck.

Tsuruki23 · 811
An amazing clue grabbing tool that almost all Rogues should take in my opinion. Perhaps the exception is Finn with his 4 intellect. But Jenny and Preston pay for it easily, Sefina can copy it, and even Skids can use it in a pinch. I don't agree with it in Rex though since he's probably going to get more clues just by investigating in the long run anyway. — StyxTBeuford · 436
True, but when you're the lone clue dude in a duo or trio, and all your friends are too busy or unable to get their clues, you can reach out and do it yourself ;) — Tsuruki23 · 811
I supposed it's another tool for stationary "Connect the Dots" Rex. Thematically I have no idea what's going on but mechanically I love it. — StyxTBeuford · 436

Are you Preston Fairmont (or maybe Jenny Barnes)? Do you like getting clues? Then this card is for you. Probably too expensive for most other investigators, unless you have more economic support cards in your deck like Hot Streak or Emergency Cache and ways to abuse playing them multiple times (think Sefina Rousseau).

The ability to pay 2 to snipe clues from up to 2 connections away is VERY valuable, as it saves you precious actions needed to move towards that location. The issue is that you'll need to reveal the location to be able to grab said clues, so this becomes more useful in multiplayer. That said, even in solo, being able to pay 2 to grab a clue without fumbling for a test is pretty solid. We've already seen different takes of this in Seeker and Guardian.

Darthcaboose · 102
I've been playing a money Sefina deck and even without extra recursion it was absolutely incredible to grab clues from a high-shroud location from outside that location, avoiding all the bad stuff that the other investigators just fled from. That one action, although expensive, saved a ton of actions and card pips. — pneuma08 · 21