Favor. Service.

Cost: 2.
Test Icons:

Discover 1 clue at your location.

When you play Intel Report, increase its cost by 2: Change "Discover 1 clue" to "Discover 2 clues."

When you play Intel Report, increase its cost by 2: Change "at your location" to "at a location up to 2 connections away."

Alexandre Dainche
The Secret Name #111.
Intel Report

Are you Preston Fairmont (or maybe Jenny Barnes)? Do you like getting clues? Then this card is for you. Probably too expensive for most other investigators, unless you have more economic support cards in your deck like Hot Streak or Emergency Cache and ways to abuse playing them multiple times (think Sefina Rousseau).

The ability to pay 2 to snipe clues from up to 2 connections away is VERY valuable, as it saves you precious actions needed to move towards that location. The issue is that you'll need to reveal the location to be able to grab said clues, so this becomes more useful in multiplayer. That said, even in solo, being able to pay 2 to grab a clue without fumbling for a test is pretty solid. We've already seen different takes of this in Seeker and Guardian.

Darthcaboose · 89
I've been playing a money Sefina deck and even without extra recursion it was absolutely incredible to grab clues from a high-shroud location from outside that location, avoiding all the bad stuff that the other investigators just fled from. That one action, although expensive, saved a ton of actions and card pips. — pneuma08 · 15