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subzerojo · 68

"Is there a bad Mandy Thompson deck?" - Nate (Lost in time and Space)?

What do you think now? Look at what has been BIRTHED!

As the creator of this deck, I strongly warn you against playing this deck. If you do, proceed to do so with extreme caution at your own peril. This is not for the faint-hearted. If you want some seeker bull... this is not it. There plenty of decks out there that will give you a good time.

But for all the thousands of overpowered Mandy decks, this deck was created to bring balance to the force.

This, my friends, is the...

World's WORST Mandy deck

Disclaimer : I'm not the world best deck builder so I'm happy for feedback to make this deck badder. But I do challenge you to try to deprove this deck, to appreciate the beauty of this horrible, horrible deck. *

This deck makes the core set starter investigator decks look good! Although I must admit, medical texts Roland was very hard to beat.


What this deck can be used for:

* Punishment/Troll - promised your friend to deck swap for a festive season?

Or just feel like being plain evil?

* Ultimate challenge - even ultimate chaos is not this finely crafted. The Crawling Chaos would be proud.

If you believe there is a Mandy deck that has the worst chance of winning a campaign, I dare you to find one worse than this.


Almost every single card in this deck has been picked to be near useless. If a card may prove be useful in some builds, much effort was spent ensuring the other key components were removed.

As such, it is recommended that if you do intend to play this deck to add the following handicap:

* Standard - replace 10 cards

* Hard - replace 5 cards

* Expert - play as it is.

No permanents may be changed. I'll have you know that the deck is diabolic as it is, and standard is not the typical standard.

The main "beauty" of this deck is [Versatile](/card/06167) into [Underworld Support](/card/08046). It just makes so many cards unviable: [Dream-Enhancing Serum](/card/06159), [Open Gate](/card/06029), [Segment of Onyx](/card/06021). I even added [Shrewd Analysis](/card/04106) just to laugh in your face because you can never get the second upgrade no matter what. I would have tried to add [Geared Up](/card/08019) to make you lose your first turn, but [Underworld Support](/card/08046) makes it so much more beautiful.

But surprisingly, at a 45 card deck, you start running out of bad cards to choose from. There were many decisions I had to ponder over, especially when secrets came into play. Almost every card that grants you a search was excluded.


What cards should you replace or replace with? That's for you to puzzle out. You will have to work hard to make it run.


If you ever run this deck through a campaign and come out the other end alive and well, be sure to let me know. How does your deck finally look like? What xp cards did you add?

Like I said I'm not the world's best deck builder, but may have possibly just become the world's worst deck builder, with this abomination of a deck.

May this deck to the balance of the scales that has been swinging so far in Mandy's side. May Mandy finally feel what Arkham Horror is really about.

Once again, if you play this deck...

I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry.


Jan 05, 2022 mattastrophic · 2210

Only 45 cards? Amateur!

Jan 05, 2022 StartWithTheName · 44900

Oh now this feels like a challenge! I need to find some time to theorycraft here i think! Nice one @subzerojo

Jan 05, 2022 anjopec · 47

Hahaha, love it! Instead of Eldritch Inspiration you can use Astral Travel, Storm of Spirits instead of Uncage the Soul, and Vantage Point in change of Disc of Itzamna, they're too good (bad) for that deck

Jan 05, 2022 Death by Chocolate · 1021

The problem is, this deck is still decent because 5 and a decent spread of skill icons.

Jan 06, 2022 GermanJoey · 619

Couldn't you make this worse by adding 20 more cards? Mandy can choose a decksize of 30, 40, or 50 cards at deck creation. (which likewise increases the number of signature weaknesses in her deck too)

Jan 06, 2022 mattastrophic · 2210

@GermanJoey I actually gave that a try... problem is, you quickly run out of cards that fit the concept.

Jan 06, 2022 Nenananas · 207

This is hilarious and painful to look at.

Jan 07, 2022 Death by Chocolate · 1021

@GermanJoey It doesn't add more signature weaknesses, just more signature cards - though to be fair her signature is pretty dead without search...

Jan 07, 2022 SSW · 155

@anjopec Eldritch Inspiration is easily worse here than Astral Travel since it has no targets, same with Uncage which only works with Blinding Light and makes it trigger an attack of opportunity. Storm of Spirits would actually be good, and Vantage Point is really no worse on its own than some of the other middling cards in here. If you notice a good card in here, you should ask if it's actually good, or whether it's unplayable since there are no synergies with it at all.

Jan 07, 2022 anjopec · 47

@SSW Blinding Light is a target for Eldritch Inspiration, Uncage the Soul is a guts in this deck so that's a nonbo, that's why I said SoS to inflict damage to yourself and Disc protects you (expensive but not a bad effect TBH, specially with Unearth)

Jan 07, 2022 Death by Chocolate · 1021

On the one hand, I think that the level 0 Grisly Totem is worse than the level 0 Disc of Itzemna, but on the other hand, most of the cards in this deck are just pitches, so it actually will get a lot of use... To that end I think that Emergence Cache is probably a 'good' addition as there isn't a whole lot of value to be gained from resources in this deck, and it has no commit icons.

Jan 08, 2022 tessarji · 1

You have Versatile as a permanent, so definitely sub out your best card (Fine Clothes obviously) for Warning Shot

Jan 08, 2022 Death by Chocolate · 1021

@tessarji The Versatile is being used to bring Underworld Support.

Jan 08, 2022 liwl0115 · 15

1) there are way too many double book icons cards for this to be the "worse" Mandy desk. 2) this desk will still be fine in standard because of her 5 books, which tell us how awesome Mandy is compare to some of the other characters.