Zoey Samaras deliving into the Dunwich Legacy

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Zoey Samaras: The Stabbing Chef 181 153 16 1.0
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Timster76 7

Not much to tell about this deck. It’s based on Heyenzzz well renowned hall of fame deck. I changed a few things to my personal gusto.

Although I like the “stabbing” theme of the original deck I put a .45 Automatic in the deck, mostly because I’m confident that Zoey can afford it and the damage is more consistent.

Because I’ve never been a great fan of First Aid (lack of action efficiency) and Dynamite blast (too situational) I changed it for two copies of Taunt, just because it fits to her play style and special ability.

Due to the fact that this deck is all about killing, along with a designated Investigator the two copies of Evidence! are certainly going to be replaced soon, maybe for Police Badge or Emergency Aid, still Stand together is worth a thought...