Cost: 1.
Test Icons:

Fast. Play only during your turn.

Engage any number of enemies at your location.

You steel your nerves and shout into the darkness. "Come and get me!"
John Pacer
The Dunwich Legacy #17.

What is action compression, what is action investment? Why is this card so damn good?

For 1 resource (something you almost always start your turn with one of) you get at least one engage action with this card. This is the lowest value you get for this card and honestly even at that level it is deceptively good.

Here's the thing: not all actions are made the same. Say you have an enemy engaged with your fragile Daisy flower one stop over from you, if the enemy has 2 health and you have a .45 then it takes you three actions to move, engage and kill that enemy no problem. However if the enemy has 3-4 health you're now in trouble. If there are two enemies at 1-2 health you are similarly guaranteed someone has to take damage (unless your daisy has a plan)

With Taunt you now have that action you need to cut through the chaff and save everyone. Wonderful! For 1 banked resource you saved someone 1 damage and 1 horror probably.

Where Taunt breaks the game is if you're a certain nutty chef. As Zoey you can:

  • run into the room
  • wave your cross at a horde of rats
  • cap one 2 health enemy with your .45
  • hack another 2 health enemy with your machete

And make 2 damn resources for your slaughter.

Does it usually get that efficient? No, but since it's minimal efficiency is trading one resource into an action (which is a good trade) it's never a bad card. As soon as there's two enemies in a location fire away and reap the rewards of action economy!

Difrakt · 619
You remember you can fight an enemy that is not engaged with you? This screws up your Daisy example unless I misunderstood you. — nierensieb · 1
@nierensieb While that is true, you typically should at least consider that a missed shot with the .45 could put a bullet hole in the very fragile Daisy Walker's body. She can't take much punishment. A missed shot could certainly mean Daisy is suffering from the monster attack now along with the bullet you put in her side. Chance away by all means, but I believe that the point for Daisy is still a valid one. — Bronze · 98
Fair enough. I was just wondering if Difrakt missed the fact he can attack an unengaged enemy. — nierensieb · 1
can confirm. Taunt in a Zoey deck is auto include. It gets even crazier with upgraded taunt. — stetson · 3
This card doesn' deserve to be in my Zoey deck in a two player game. There are rarely enough enemies for this card to prove its worth. Most of the time im following my clue finder around protecting him, and half of the time I will draw the enemy from the encounter deck anyway. There are so much better cards in core+dunwich that this simply clogs the deck. In 2p game I'll pass. — Andronikus · 1
When you play Taunt, you don't just trade action(s) for resource. You trade action(s) for resource AND A CARD, which is significant difference. If you only need just 1 engage, you are better off not playing Taunt. — Deo · 1