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Wilson Richard - l'Exterminateur - Deck Final (45 XP) 0 0 0 1.0

DerBK · 1734

This is one of the five decks for the FHV Intro series that Valentin1331 started. Five people do a deck for one of the new investigators from Hemlock Vale, meant to be an introduction to the investigator. So basically a starting point if you want to play the guy and don't know where to start.

Kate Winthrop is covered by ElseWhere
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Alessandra Zorzi is covered by [dscarpac]()
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Kōhaku Narukami is coverd by Valentin1331
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Hank Samson is covered by Justin
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and I of course am covering Wilson.

On this page you can find the 40XP version of the deck.

The 0xp version is here:

You can find a full article that goes over every card choice in all of those decks, general thoughts about Wilson's gameplay and options for the deck in a dedicated article that you can find here:

Full Wilson Richards Primer on Ancient Evils


Feb 21, 2024 otto.muck · 13

wow so much items - did you consider geared up?

Feb 21, 2024 DerBK · 1734

Wilson already gets a cost reduction for all tools he plays, so one big part of Geared Up doesn't give him much extra.

Also, while we do run a lot of assets, many of them require a handslot, so you will need to get Tool Belt or Tinker to play more of them past what you can hold in your two hands.

So i am not sure it is worth the risk of getting burned by it.

Feb 25, 2024 illuminascii · 1

can you use ad hoc to discard fire extinguisher and ignore the cost of exile it?

Feb 25, 2024 DerBK · 1734

@illuminascii: You can not. While Ad Hoc does ignore all costs, only the parts left of the colon (:) do count as cost for the ability. Anything to right to it, including the exile stuff, is part of the ability and thus not ignored by Ad Hoc.

Feb 25, 2024 illuminascii · 1

@DerBK Thanks a lot, appreciate your comnent! But the description of the card really confuses me. It saids: "you may exile it instead of discarding to discard each enemy…". But it could just be "you may exile it to discard each enemy…". Why the "instead of" ? For me it sounds like the exile action will replace the discard action as the cost of initiate the ability. Isn't the term instead supposed to change or replace an effect? Did i misunderstood the rules? Or there's no such thing as replacing the cost of a card? I mean I'm not trying to be unreasonable, a reusable fire extinguisher can be really OP, escipally combined with survivor cards. I'm just trying to make it perfectly clear.

Feb 25, 2024 DerBK · 1734

You are right that it is a replacement effect, however that doesn't make it a part of the cost itself. What is part of the cost is defined in the rules very clearly as the part leading up to the colon.

You can find the exact rules here:
Including a FAQ about ignoring all costs that applies here.

Feb 27, 2024 Ejoeyjoey · 1

Nice deck man. Quick question: When you use Ad Hoc with Pitchfork, you exhaust Ad Hoc and discard Pitchfork to activate it's ability. If that ability suceeds, you attach pitchfork from the discard pile to the location? In other words, you can resue Pitchfork constantly?

Feb 27, 2024 Ejoeyjoey · 1

Oh, well you can't cycle the Pitchfork, as it will be picked up and put under your control, hence into play. Nevertheless, I think you can still use Ad Hoc with it, and attach it to the location right after for someone to pick up.

Feb 28, 2024 DerBK · 1734

Yes, that works. You can pitch the fork (heh) to Ad Hoc and have it end up in play from your hand without having to play it.

Note that this doesn't work with Pushed to the Limit. PttL will shuffle the Pitchfork back into your deck after it attached to the location ever so briefly.

Mar 01, 2024 EclecticGamer · 2

This is more of a question for the zero XP version of deck that I was just trying.

Can you use ad hoc on an action ability that requires two actions like sledgehammer?

I wasn't sure if the one action symbol was saying, an item in your graveyard with a single action ability, or an item with your graveyard within ability that has an action in its cost.

Mar 03, 2024 Adny · 1

yes, you can ad hoc sledgehammer for free, as you ignore all of the costs (in contrast to hand eye coordination, which only ignores one of the actions)

Mar 03, 2024 Magnus · 1

On your website, you mention that you bring 2 Emergency Cache under Stick to the Plan. Unfortunatly, you cannot : Some card abilities refer to "different" cards. Different cards are cards with different titles (excluding subtitles). (e.g. two copies of Ward of Protection are not considered to be "different," even if they have different levels.)

Mar 04, 2024 vak36 · 1

Hi, the deck looks awesome, I want to try Wilson in true solo, how does he manage to fight with his low stats? What's the trick?

Mar 05, 2024 DerBK · 1734

@Magnus: I didn't say to put two Emergency Cache on Stick to the Plan, but to put Emergency Cache(2) on it. The three cards that go on SttP are:

Ever Vigilant
Emergency Cache(2) Sweeping Kick

Mar 05, 2024 DerBK · 1734

@vak36: The trick is that you combine your weapon with a boost. And since they are tools you start with fight 4. A typical attack would be at fight 5 with the Pitchfork or fight 6 with the Chainsaw, and then add another 2 on top from either of Overpower, Wolf Mask, Jury Rig, Cleaning Kit or Unexpected Courage. Since all those attacks deal 3 damage you can afford to spend a boost on every attack and consistently attack at 7 or 8 skill value. You can of course spike higher if the situation needs it by spending boosts from multiple sources.

Of course this is mostly only viable for Standard, on Expert or Hard this might not be good enough.

Mar 05, 2024 DerBK · 1734

@Magnus: Oh i see why you could read what i wrote the wrong way. "One each of Emergency Cache and Ever Vigilant" is supposed to be read as "One Emergency Cache and one Ever Vigilant". I will edit that part to be completely clear.

Mar 05, 2024 vak36 · 1

@DerBK thanks for the answer, so it means he is forced to boost stats not static but per situation. Well, I Want to play on hard, so I hope I find the solution later :)

Mar 05, 2024 DerBK · 1734

Hi everyone, i just posted an update to the decklist primer on my site here:

May 01, 2024 stephwhatever · 1 @DerBK according to this ruling, the exile part of fire extinguisher can be ignored by PTTL