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dscarpac · 813

Alessandra's Parley Party:
  • Overview
  • Core Cards
  • Mulligan Strategy
  • Other Options

Link to Level 0 Version:


This decklist is part of a collaboration with other content creators: my video that talks about this deck a little bit more can be found on my channel (Quick Learner) here:

For the others --

This is a pretty basic Alessandra deck that uses cards from just Hemlock Vale, the Core Set, Dunwich, The Forgotten Age, and Existential Riddle from The Scarlet Keys. The intention here is to be fairly new player friendly as they go through their first run of Hemlock Vale!

Core Cards

You're invited to Alessandra's Parley Party, and it's all about getting clues and mingling with enemies. While you're not helpless in the face of non-elite enemies, this is not intended to be a true solo deck. Get a friend or two who brings the big guns and big hammers to deal with the bosses. You might also want a Mystic who can cancel some bad treacheries or heal you when things get a little rough. However, other members of the group may be frustrated when you instruct them not to kill everything on the board, so consult with your team while deckbuilding to make sure they understand the deal.

Your gameplay loop should be to Parley enemies at a location with clues or one with clues nearby, using Snitch or Fake Credentials to pick up clues. You might toss in an investigate or evade in as well, or buy the remaining clue with Lola Santiago. It's also worth stating that with Fine Clothes, you can reduce the difficulty of your Parleys by 2, which if this reduces to the difficulty of the test to 0, will be a success on every token but the . Fine Clothes also reduces the difficulty of investigates or evades while Parleying with Beguile. After you're done talking it up with an enemy, move out of that location and replenish your Fox Mask, ready to do it all again next round. Rinse and repeat with Eldritch Tongue as necessary.

Although the deck is effective at getting clues, your party shouldn't last all night. Your extra action should fuel a frenzied approach to the scenario: finish up quickly before your fragility to treacheries gets you!

  • Money, Money, Money: Grift and Bank Job are your ways of getting cash, but you also have an option of using Bianca "Die Katz"...

  • Enemies: You'll need an enemy or two around. If all else fails, Bianca "Die Katz" is up for the task, but an Existential Riddle on any Hunter enemy will keep them close by, but just far enough away that they won't attack you!

  • Zamacona: Hang onto a Backstab for him, or get help from someone else on your team.

Mulligan Strategy

Mulligan for the assets! Lola Santiago is the most important card in your deck. With Bewitching, you should be able to filter the Tricks out of your deck and set aside or into your hand. You will need to be able to afford everything, though, so a Turn 1 Bank Job is not a bad idea given that there likely won't be anything to Parley just yet.

Other Options

Alessandra can be built several ways, and Rogues using Adaptable can rework their deck over the course of the scenario. If you need to actually fight more often, consider British Bull Dog, and Stir the Pot. If there aren't enough enemies on the board, try Kicking the Hornet's Nest. If you're still low on cash, try "Watch this!" instead of Quick Thinking.

The goal in this deck was to focus on Snitch, so I left out Parley cards that don't initiate skill tests. It's true that Beguile might be enough to proc Snitch enough times, so if you'd rather take some other Parley cards, Motivational Speech and String of Curses are fantastic ways that Alessandra can help out the team without simply getting clues.

Beyond 29 XP, I recommend just upgrading cards like Manual Dexterity and Lucky Cigarette Case. If Willpower is necessary, Moxie is an excellent choice for the deck. Double, Double also can replace Eldritch Tongue if you're really swimming in XP..


Feb 21, 2024 Wittebaard · 305

Was thinking of building a similar deck as this one, but you beat me to it! No Well-Dressed though? I thought it would be a staple for Alessandra.

Feb 21, 2024 dscarpac · 813

I like Well-Dressed quite a bit as a card for beating tough scenario Parleys. You could slot it in here, too, but with Fine Clothes giving you -2 difficulty all the time, that makes the cut over a +4 twice a game.

Feb 24, 2024 Gb33 · 1

I love this deck! I'm planning to use it for my blind Hemlock playthrough. Newer to the game and do not have Dream Eaters or Innsmouth. Who would you pair with this for a fighter? Wanted to do the Tank Samson deck above but I don't have Jessica Hyde.

Feb 25, 2024 dscarpac · 813

@Gb33 Good question! I think any Guardian who is more focused on team support or can flex a bit would be quite good. Roland would be a good choice, IMO, Alessandra could even help him out with Cover Up fairly well. Just make sure there's some horror healing around. I think Hank would be just fine, too, I've seen him do quite well without Jessica.

Feb 29, 2024 Sinnie · 1

Just been building my own deck and taking a look at what others have done. Surprised at only one copy of vamp - doesn't fine clothes make the tests almost guaranteed to pass? Also, confound seems like an absolute staple for the deck - 2 clues, evade and no-readying on a card you can pull with bewitching and recur with Eldritch

Mar 05, 2024 OrionJA · 1

Vamp is expensive on XP and while it's quite efficient, Alessandra's not short on ways to get clues and evade enemies, and even has a number of lower-XP options for damage or removal. The most unique thing it does is remove doom, but you probably only need to do that once in a typical scenario.

Having another seems nice as a luxury and maybe worth prioritizing on a true flex Alessandra who wants to stack one on bewitching and tutor the other. But I don't see any other XP cards I could cut to make room for another vamp without compromising the reliability of her clue engine.

Mar 07, 2024 vercingix · 160

I like this deck a lot! What do you think of Power Word as an option?

Mar 23, 2024 NathanTheDM · 1

I'm curious about your thoughts on recharging the Fox Mask in this deck. Parley is a great way of avoiding attacks of opportunity, but taking a move action to leave will still cause Beguiled enemies to strike her. She has a small number of one-off solutions, but few repeatable ways to evade beyond her decent agility stat. Her safest option is asking her enemies to leave so she can operate freely, but this will not put charges on the Fox Mask. Am I missing a step that helps that synergize better?

Mar 26, 2024 rokkon · 1

@NathanTheDM, Existential Riddle and her elder sign ability also help. Add in Stir the Pot for another card that she can use effectively.

Fox Mask is great for her, but, yeah, it's not something you want to rely on because it can sometimes be tricky to re-charge.

Mar 26, 2024 dscarpac · 813

I've used Beguile to evade the enemy itself. This will help you recharge the Fox Mask. It's not the ideal solution, but you shouldn't need to rely on the mask all of the time.

Apr 07, 2024 Ilior · 1

We want to play multiplayer (2). The best 2 deck for play? Thanks!

May 24, 2024 jultou · 1

Just finished Hemlock campaign and I really enjoyed this deck. So many new cards I have not used before but also the emphasis on parley actions. I think they really pushed the boundaries with that investigator design and cards associated with parley actions. Its good to be effective at doing things in different ways than before. It add variability and by extension replay ability to the game. Only small change I did is including British Bull Dog at the end of campaign because more punch was needed.

Jun 05, 2024 filipek37 · 1

Isn't String of Curses really good for Zorzi? With Eldritch Tongue in play, this card gives you:

  • gain a resource
  • discover a clue
  • defeat any non-elite enemy

For a total cost of 2 actions and 2 resources, this seems like a really good deal.