Cost: 2.


Alessandra Zorzi deck only. Fast. Play only during your turn.

Attach Beguile to a non-Elite enemy at your location.

: Parley. Either move attached enemy to a revealed connecting location, or perform a basic investigate or evade action at its location. If you fail a skill test while resolving this ability, discard Beguile. You may activate this ability from any location.

Aleksander Karcz
The Feast of Hemlock Vale Investigator Expansion #10.


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: I have a question about Beguile, which is Alessandra Zorzi's signature event revealed earlier today. It's an event that attaches to an enemy, and then has the activated ability: "Parley. Either move attached enemy to a revealed connecting location, or perform a basic investigate or evade action at its location. If you fail a skill test while resolving this ability, discard Beguile. You may activate this ability from any location." My question is about the evade mode here. We are to "perform a basic evade action at [the attached enemy's] location". Normally, to perform a basic evade action, you must choose a valid target: an enemy engaged with you. However, it seems the main use case for Beguile is to evade remotely at other locations, where it's exceedingly unlikely for any enemies there to be engaged with you. So what exactly counts as a valid target for a Beguile evade? Can we pick any enemy at the attached enemy's location, including the attached enemy itself? If we can pick those enemies, are they considered to be "as if engaged", or are they simply valid targets by fiat? A: Any enemy at the attached enemy’s location is a valid target for Beguile’s Parley ability, including the attached enemy itself. (Rules Form, November 2023)

  • Q: As Alessandra Zorzi, when I resolve Beguile's Parley ability, would Well-Dressed gain if committed to an investigate or evade action? A: Yes. This action still counts as a parley for the purposes of card effects. (Feast of Hemlock Vale FAQ, February 2024)

  • Q: If I activate the ability on Beguile will I provoke attacks of opportunity if I choose to investigate? A: No. The ability on Beguile is one action that is multiple types simultaneously; it always has the “parley” action type in addition to its other types (activate/investigate/evade), so it never triggers attacks of opportunity. (FAQ v2.2, February 2024)

  • Q: If I have a copy of Beguile attached to an enemy at a different location than me, what happens if I choose to activate Beguile’s ability to perform an evade action there? A: If you choose to activate Beguile’s ability and evade, you can choose any enemy at the attached enemy’s location (including the attached enemy itself) and perform an evasion test against that enemy’s evade value. If you succeed, exhaust that enemy and disengage it from all investigators (and if you fail, discard that copy of Beguile per its ability). (FAQ v2.2, February 2024)

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As long as you're wearing some Fine Clothes your new friend will happily bring all the Flashlights that you could ever want. But just because they listen to you, it doesn't mean they aren't a hassle to be around. Make sure you send anyone that might run in for a hug a bit further away to make sure they never get in arms reach. The clothes must be filled with some sort of pheromones because that friend of yours knows if you take them off, so make sure to not let them get torn!

kamiidude · 35

If you are playing Alessandra and wondering which enemies are the best targets for Beguile:

Pretty much the first non-elite enemy spawns on the map is the best one. However, there are still few things to consider:

  • I wouldn't put Beguile on an enemy like Wizard of the Order, you want to keep your target on the board as long as possible. Extra doom every turn isn't feasible.

  • An enemy with an evade value <= 2 is preferable, with Fine Clothes you can always use an action to "auto" evade itself (barring tentacles of course). Using this action once every turn can boost your engine considerably with Pickpocketing, and you'll drown in cards and resources if you put down two of them. You can make it even sillier with Lucky Cigarette Case.

  • Beguiled Hunters can be more beneficial than the stationary ones. If you can spare some health/sanity, you can tank an attack in the enemy phase to lure them to your location, then parley-investigate your location in the next turn (which can again, benefit from Fine Clothes). Therefore, enemies with single health or horror damage are more advantageous.

  • Aloof enemies usually want to be addressed, but an enemy like Whippoorwill can be used like any other hunter enemy. Just move out of the location yourself, then investigate to avoid -1 to skills penalty.

Aesyn · 232
Guys, I need help! If I use it to evade a Retaliated enemy, will the enemy launch an attack on investigator if the verification fails? — Lynfield · 1
Retaliate only triggers off failed fight actions, not evades, so no. However, an alert enemy will attack you if the evade test fails. — Eike · 1
Oh, sorry, not Retaliate, but Alert. I got it mixed up) In this case, will there be an enemy attack? — Lynfield · 1