Bianca "Die Katz"
Singing Your Song

Asset. Ally

Ally. Criminal. Socialite.

Cost: 2.

Health: 2. Sanity: 1.

Limit 1 per deck. Uses (10 resources).

Exhaust Bianca "Die Katz": Parley. Move X resources from Bianca "Die Katz" to your resource pool. X cannot be more than 5. Test (X). If you fail, remember "you owe Bianca X resources." Then, search your bonded cards for the Bianca "Die Katz" enemy and spawn her at your location. Remove this card from the game.

Magali Villeneuve
The Feast of Hemlock Vale Investigator Expansion #62.
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Bianca "Die Katz" is a key card for Alessandra Zorzi.

With Fine Clothes you can get an enemy plus a flexible >5 ressources when you need them and then you have an enemy to Power Word with.

  • Action 1: Play her
  • Action 2 ...: Gain 2 ressouces safe
  • Last Action: Take 5 ressouces and let her go enrage to become Bianca "Die Katz"

Then it gets interesting! Bianca should be immune to most encounter card effects that interact with enemies.

I didn't think about getting her mad and then using Existential Riddle. That's amazing for Fake Credentials (4)! — Valentin1331 · 60578
I think Fine Cloths or Stylish Coat both combo well with Bianca. However since both take body slot they compete with one another. While Fine Cloths allows for using additional action to get 2 resources up to 5 times with nearly auto success (dropping test to 0), Stylish Coat allows you to make more money with bigger risk (you can test 10 times at (1) and get 20 resources). — bugiel_marek · 17
Fine Clothes is the far better option. To test 10 times you'll need to spend 10 actions and over 10 rounds because Bianca exhausts. At that point you're better off taking Lone Wolf or even Dario El-Amin instead. The only downside to Fine Clothes is that it could be a bit problematic when you actively want to fail Bianca's parley test - +1 and the Elder Sign do tend to show up at the most inopportune moments. — koaexe · 25

Proof positive that Alessandra is an abusive partner:

TheMathDoc · 12
Plot Twist, Bianca will be the next investigator and Alessandra is her signature weakness — Valentin1331 · 60578
Another morally gray approach would be to get her killed in the playing window during the agility test after taking the 5 resources. That should interrupt the rest of the effect. Not worth the actions, though. — AlderSign · 225

Not sure Bianca is very good unless you have a limited card pool.

Probably the best comparison will be to Gregory Gry. Each are lvl 0 economy allies that give you resources over time. Bianca is less expensive, but higher risk. Her best case scenario is to be +8 resources after 2 activations. Wheras Gregory can be +6 resources without any activations. (assuming you just do other skill tests). In this case, Gregory feels like the winner as the 2 actions you save could just be to gain resources if needed.

If you choose to play her safe, wearing fine clothes and testing X=2, then a second comparison can be to Dario El-Amin. In this case, Bianca will be +8 resources after 5 activations and Dario will also be +8 resources after 5 activations, but without any risk, more soak and a potential for a stat boost. In this case, Dario feels like the winner.

kamiidude · 35
Unless you're Aless and have free Parleys. — MrGoldbee · 1415

About The British Bulldog: Bianca is not an enemy. Don't build your entire strategy on failing parley tests on Bianca to play the bulldog, because that does not work. Writing this here because I got caught into "wow here are 2 cards released in the same cycle with an obvious combo between them but actually no.)

Actually, I build my deck around this 'Enemy-Bianca' thing but I didn't focus around playing British Bulldog even I included it in my deck. — Laika_Young · 1