Asset. Accessory

Item. Charm.

Cost: 2. XP: 3.
Test Icons:

After you succeed at a skill test by 1 or more, exhaust Lucky Cigarette Case: Search the top X cards of your deck for a card, draw it, and shuffle the remaining cards into your deck. X is the amount you succeeded by.

Dual Brush Studios
Winifred Habbamock #26.
Lucky Cigarette Case

This card is insanely good! Have you ever built a Rogue deck that was based on assembling a big combo? Well now you can assemble said combo much more quickly. All most Rogues will need to get decent digs is Lockpicks, but there are a few other ways as well, such as Well Connected and Money Talks. Money Talks is especially bonkers, because it's quite possible to build Rogue deck that can horde 50 or more resources. You'll probably be able to search your entire deck with that. Even if you don't have a way to oversucceed immediately, you'll probably occasionally draw a 0 on a test. It's also still an improvement on the original, because you only need to succeed by 1 instead of 2 to get a draw. Finally, if you're taking it as a 2-of without Relic Hunter, the second copy isn't a dead draw, as it has a generous for icons. Not bad for an asset.

Some specific combos to highlight (apart from those already mentioned):