Favor. Gambit.

Cost: 0.

Fast. Play when you initiate a skill test.

Instead of the skill type indicated for this test (, , , or ), this is a resource skill test. Your base skill value for this test is equal to half the number of resources in your resource pool (rounded down).

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy pretty much everything else.
Robert Laskey
The Circle Undone #29.
Money Talks

Not very impressed with this card for Preston right now. It does not count the resources on Family Inheritance and requires taking an action to get them in his legit resource pool and I just don't want to spend the extra actions when I could use those resources on a stat pump or use skill cards instead.

Sitting on 10/15 is a legit strat for Preston using Well Connected. I don't think I would bother with this card if I wasn't on Well Connected and the new rogue skill. — Myriad 543
I was pretty skeptical of this card myself, but my Preston partner in a 2p campaign was at 25 resources for a couple rounds and this made for a laughably easy Double or Nothing. — Death by Chocolate 10
I'll have to look into a resource hoarding build and give it a second chance. — miggydoh 41
Has there been an official ruling on this yet in regards to if you can commit still cards to the test? — Myriad 543
It seems pretty obvious that you could only commit Wild icons since the test is no longer a will, Int, com, or Agi test, but the rules for commuting says “An appropriate skill icon is either one that matches the skill being tested, or a wild icon.“ so wild icons would still apply since Money Talks makes it a ‘resource skill test’ which is still a skill test. — Death by Chocolate 10