Cost: 2.
Test Icons:

Limit 1 per investigator.

Exhaust Well Connected: You get +1 skill value for this skill test for every 5 resources you have.

Sometimes who you know is more important than how good you are.
Tiziano Baracchi
The Circle Undone #28.
Well Connected
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: Do resources on Family Inheritance count for Well Connected? aside from Jenny's Elder Sign effect, we've not had another card which refers to "resource(s) you have" so there's been some confusion about exactly what counts. A: "Resources you have" refers to the number of resources your investigator possesses, or in other words, the number of resources in your resource pool. Think of it as shorthand for "Resources in your resource pool"; the meaning is the same either way.

  • Q: If I were to use Well Connected at, say, 20 resources, then spend 2 resources on a talent, am I getting a +4 boost from Well Connected (due to the resources I had when triggering it) or +3 due to my current resource count? A: Well Connected creates a lasting effect when you use it, which continues to affect the game state for its specified duration (in this case, "for this skill test."). This effect will continue to alter the game state based on its conditions and parameters and will update if necessary. In this case, the bonus will change based on how many resources you have, so if you spend resources after activating the ability, it could lower the bonus (or vice-versa). Remember that your total modified value is calculated during Step 5 of the skill test, so if you gain or lose resources after Step 5, it won't matter.

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Through Adaptable, I was able to add in Well Connected to my deck after picking up some much needed rogue cards. The combination of this, Sefina Rousseau, her The Painted World cards, and Hot Streak, I was able to able to ultimately stirke up 20+ resources and have a +4 on much needed skill tests. This wouldn't of been able to happen early campaign as Sefina (maybe Jenny Barnes?) just didn't have the resource pool, so the upgraded Hot Streaks were necessary to see this really pay off.

Ulitmatley, once your set up, and you happy to hold on to your resources, then an exhaust for a +1/+2 is solid.

This card is clearly built for Preston Fairmont, and any investigator that wants to make use of Dr. Milan Christopher/Lone Wolf/Burglary.

This is a good example of why Adaptable is such a great card — Zinjanthropus · 162
So I know this question is going to sound very stupid because there is an answer to it in the FAQ up above, but that answer, doesn't actually answer the question. The question is, do the resources on family inheritance count? Family inheritance says you may spend them as if they were in your resource pool; it does NOT say you may TREAT them as if they were in your resource pool. — LaRoix · 1448
No, the resources on family inheritance do not count. It's for this reason Dark Horse/Fire Axe Preston works. — gionazzo · 51