Cost: 0. XP: 1.
Test Icons:


Gain 2 resources and draw 1 card.

After you play Easy Mark: Play another Easy Mark from your hand, at no cost.

Matt Bradbury
The Dream-Eaters #26.
Easy Mark

This is an interesting one. Absent the reaction ability it’s already very close in function to Emergency Cache but with a draw ability in place of one card.

Now the set costs 1xp, the full set (which you will want) is 3 card slots and that reaction ability is pretty crucial. If you do not use the reaction it is effectively 2r for one action and a minor deck thinning. Begin to use the reaction and the card scales, 4r for an action as well as 2c thinning at two cards - 6r and 3c thinning at all three in hand.

Now the statistics are weighed against you if you’re trying to hold out for all three. Frankly you have even odds of even getting more than 1c in the first half of your deck, so that ability is quite unreliable. That’s mildly troublesome, as it means this is an economy card for the late game - generally when you want to be spending resources, not gaining them. The dream of getting all 3 is.... overly optimistic at best.

That being said a thin deck is a reliable deck. In addition this zero-cost economy card combos really well with certain recent additions to the Rogue pool. Double double makes even a single copy into a very potent card on its own, and crystallizer of dreams is happy to snap up extra icons for you.

I think it’s a good addition for an event rogue deck thats running double double and perhaps a bit sketchy outside. Probably pass on Sefina for whom it’s not a particularly high impact event, but slightly better for Tony, Skids, and Wendy.

Bonus points for anyone who get a Wendy deck to infinitely recur this for infinite cash.

Difrakt · 777
How does Wendy infinitely recur this? Her Amulet puts it on the bottom of her deck (not discard) so it’s not a valid target for itself? That said, you could still play it three times from hand, drop Amulet, and play it three times from discard for a total 12 resources and 6 cards in three actions (minus Amulet cost). — Death by Chocolate · 421
If you get to the condition where your deck contains 1-2 easy marks, have Wendy’s amulet equipped, and one copy of easy mark in hand you can keep playing the marks as you draw them. It’s actually not as hard to set this up as it sounds, if you get to 1 card in deck and three easy marks in hand it is almost guaranteed to happen. — Difrakt · 777
Okay, that’s fair. Run enough card draw to rip through your deck and then loop it. Nice. — Death by Chocolate · 421
Building a deck where I can have Easy Marks, Swift Reflexes and some Lucky!(2)s on the bottom of the deck I can have infinite actions! With Drawing Thin, Pickpocketing(2), Take Heart, Guts, Perception and Manual Dexterity to accelerate the combo. Seems pretty broken! :) — Venti · 1
Oh, that wouldn't work as infinite actions because I can only play Lucky! if I am failing a test. Please disconsider. — Venti · 1

If you are short of cash, XP and require significant set up this card can help you to pay for those core assets you desperatly need at a very cheep price (1XP for 3 copies). I have been testing this card in the 19XP enemy management decks (Leo A. and Rita Y.) that I will be taking to Arkham Nights 2019. In the context of stand alone mode where XP is very limited If you don't want more Weaknesses and multiplayer where you tend to have actions to spare (specially as the enemy manager) I would recommend this. On the other hand, If you have acces to Drawing Thin and ignore the updated Taboo List and/or if you alredy have Hot Streak in your deck, then you can definitely skip Easy Mark. Also the reaction effect is very sweet but is very unreliable so I rate this card considering that I will most likely be expending an action to play each copy of Easy Mark.

Alogon · 548