Solo Mateo Cheats his way through Forgotten Age

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TheBlackHorror 502

This is the solo deck I "breezed through" (compared to other investigators) Forgotten Age with.

PREMISE: It's important to start fast before the first agenda flips over, something Mystics are not renowned for doing. However, with Mateo's stat line, you can leap into action right out of the gate without having to wait to get all your spells set up.

SYNERGY: With Hubert's Key out and some skill cards, Mateo can pass any treachery in FA...which is important since you'll draw a lot of them, especially while exploring! This synergizes well with Drawn to the Flame, which can clear those dangerous 2 VP locations in one fell swoop. Dark Prophecy allows you to draw 5 tokens and choose one, including the Auto Fail. You can choose the Auto Fail to trigger Mateo's once-per-game ability, and turn it into an Elder Sign.

UPGRADES: After 1st scenario upgrade Shriveling to lv 5 (2xp), get Seal of the Elder Sign (5xp). The lv 5 Shriveling can be very handy for action compression in the Doom of Eztli. As soon as possible get another Seal of the Elder Sign and upgrade the other Shriveling. You won't be sorry! As far as we know, you don't need Fine Clothes after scenario 1, so you can trash those to make room for the new Seals of the Elder Sign.


May 15, 2018 veneretio 55

Love this list. It just looks so solid. Probably the only spot I'm curious about is the 1 of for both Allies. Seems like it should be one or the other. Having played it a bit would you keep your Allies the same or pick one in particular to focus on?

May 15, 2018 Teknikal 1

Had a chance to sneak peak this deck. Was solid and after failing a few times with my own creation and other investigators. This deck dominated it. Granted it has changed but if you're looking to not use Spirit and Shriv lvl3. Pick up the Elder Sign event and you're solid.

Good work

May 15, 2018 TheBlackHorror 502

Thanks for the input! In retrospect I would have traded out the Arcane Initiate for another David Renfield, or possibly Alyssa. You can definitely go Seal of the Elder sign as a starting xp pick. It is VERY good, especially in solo and combined with Mateo's Elder Sign ability. In my own solo Mateo run, Spirit Athame (in both scenarios) and the Level 5 Shriveling (in Doom of Eztli) were key to his cake run. He could have certainly done without, and gone Seal of the Elder Sign instead. However, I feel the two Spirit Athames add consistency, as opposed to the SofES's bomb effect, which is very important in solo.

May 16, 2018 Myriad 460

I really appreciate the build! What advice might you have to adjust Mateo in multiplayer?

May 16, 2018 TheBlackHorror 502

If you are doing multiplayer in FA, it will greatly depend on who else is around. You could sub in another Rite of Seeking and take out a Manual Dexterity. Maybe a Holy Rosary for a Guts. And another David Renfield or Alyssa for Arcane Initiate. The skill cards let you draw through a little over half your deck each FA scenario, so finding spells isn't typically a problem. You may want to keep the 2x Perceptions in there for Ichtaca. That is a hard test to pass. Aside from that, it really just depends on Mateo's role!

If you're doing a different campaign, then you might not need so many evasion cards, like Manual Dexterity. But I'm afraid I cannot offer much more advice than that! This deck is meant to pass Willpower and Evasion tests, which can be universally useful in nearly any other campaign. But he can always go more cluevery or fighting, as needed.

May 19, 2018 Zefyrus 1

Great deck, I was able to "breeze" through Scenario One in FA without too much difficulty - though I had to start evading a lot when my Shrivelling ran out. Might consider adding in spell recharge cards. Keep you posted.

May 19, 2018 TheBlackHorror 502

@ZefyrusYou can always pick up Song of the Dead instead of Shriveling lv 3 with your starting XP, and sub out the Cthonian Stone, if you feel you need some more killing power. I personally evaded everything I could and saved my Shrivelings for must-kills. Definitely keep us posted. In subsequent plays I found the Cthonian Stone to be less useful, as a whole.

May 21, 2018 Django 951

The The Chthonian Stone is a two edged sword. It removes penalizing tokens from the chaos bag, but decreases the number of tokens in total. So all others become more likely, including autofail and elder sign.

Jun 17, 2018 Myriad 460

I have gone from lukewarm on the Cthonian Stone to super hot.

Most scenarios have one symbol that is terrible to draw and will always do something quite awful and that symbol is a great candidate for the stone.

It isn't going to mitigate anything until you can run incantations.

Jun 17, 2018 Django 951

I don't understand "It isn't going to mitigate anything until you can run incantations." Could you explain more in detail please?

Jun 17, 2018 Myriad 460

I wrote that on a few hours of sleep. I should have written "It won't actually improve odds of a pull that much until you get Protective Incantations".