Low-Resource Roland (Labyrinths of Lunacy)

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ArkhamInvestigator 105

This upgrade uses the 9 experience allowed in Standalone mode that you can take without adding an extra basic weakness. It's meant to make Roland playable for "Labyrinths of Lunacy" which can only be done as a Standalone. While "Cover Up" is less punishing in Standalone mode, I decided to keep the promo cards because I overall like them better.

This upgrade adds "Stick to the Plan" which should pull the following cards:

-"Emergency Cache" for opening resources -"Prepared for the Worst" - for the near-guaranteed weapon opener -"Shortcut" - for mobility

Keen Eye lets you use the extra resources for physical combat.

This build of Roland is meant to use a lot of low-resource cards instead of higher-resource ones to make sure that Roland always has cards that can hit the table. Only 2 cards are higher than a cost of 2 - those are the "Machete" copies. Some of Roland's more expensive mainstays like "Beat Cop" and "Dr. Milan Christopher" are left out in order to leave room to play other, smaller cards.

A big focus is "no-lore clue gathering" as well. Rather than spend money boosting the lore stat, cards like "Working a Hunch" and "Art Student" let you pick up clues while ignoring investigation tests entirely. That, along with Roland's base ability, lets him pick up clues at high-shroud locations without too much trouble.

For fighting, it's all knives. "Machete" and "Survival Knife" is the ideal setup. "Survival knife" is there to help if multiple enemies are on him, with the extra attack that deals extra damage. The regular "Knife" card is there to be used until a better weapon comes along. "Prepared for the Worst" helps make sure you're never without a weapon. With 6 weapons and 1 card that fetches weapons and no ammo restrictions, Roland should never be unprepared for a fight, and with all of the fight icons on the cards, he should hopefully be able to win those fights. These weapons make sure his fight will never be below 5.

A combination of "Art Student" and "Logical Reasoning" should keep Roland from getting too low on sanity.

This version also uses the promotional cards since the weakness is less punishing and it emphasises Roland's "get clues without Lore tests" ability.


Jun 13, 2018 StartWithTheName 7068

love the deck. and the concept. It can be hard to discipline yourself to be cost light in guardian with so many big ticket toys to distract you!

If you were looking for recommendations, I suspect you dont need Knife with 4 other weapons and Prepared for the Worst. This could free up some space for something else. Now I say this having not played Labs so its all a bit speculative, but maybe a (cheap) second ally to let you take hits for Survival Knife ((Dr. William T. Maleson is 1 for 2/2 soak), a seeker utility skill card like Eureka! or Inquiring Mind, or On the Hunt to trigger his clue?

Im reluctant to name spoilers the day before but if youre getting the next pack there may be something in there that fits this build nicely.

Jun 13, 2018 Django 1560

As @StartWithTheName proposed you could add some allies as soaks, like Dr. William T. Maleson and Laboratory Assistant. If you did that you could also add Calling in Favors to search for Art Student or reuse her, when she's already out.

Jun 13, 2018 Myriad 543

I love the idea, it is something we don't see all that often in guardian.

I can echo the ally wisdom people are providing. I think it will help you stay on your feat longer.

Let us know how it goes!