Paint It Green *Arkham Nights 2018 Starting Build*

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MythosBusters · 1727

This is the starting build Ian used for the ironman Carcosa run at Arkham Nights 2018. The main role this deck was meant to play is flex cluever: meaning that it primarily aims to supplement the main clue-finder in gathering clues, but it can also contribute to combat or other areas of play as well. So how does it work?

The ending build is here:

  • Renfield is my copilot: Renfield was my only ally throughout the entire campaign and the only one I needed really. The great thing about Sefina's opening draw ability is that it tends to make your starts pretty consistent and I only didn't see Renfield in one game. What does Renfield bring? First of all, lots of money, which Sefina needs to play her events and power Streetwise. He also helps boost her will and serves as a damage soak. In general, I think it's wise not to be afraid to play and use Renfield's ability right away. With 2 copies of Moonlight Ritual and damage/horror from the encounter deck, I was able to clear him and his doom away when needed. I just was careful not to overdo it. I tended to only keep 1 doom on him at a time in multiplayer, since it's harder to control doom on the board (with the exception of a few situations and scenarios - i.e. piling up doom in Phantom of Truth conviction).

  • Trench coat: Trench coat was surprisingly great as both a damage soak and a boost to evasion. One of my main goals was to focus on damage soaks for Sefina with Renfield and Trench Coat, since her health is so low. She also was the only evasion character in the group so I wanted to give her a boost in that respect.

  • Cluever tools: In the beginning, Rite of Seeking and Drawn to the Flame were my main friends in terms of gathering clues. There was also the option for Arcane Studies at this point, which could boost my intellect. It quickly got upgraded away, but it was useful in the first scenario.

  • Don't sleep on Storm of Spirits: This spell is a real life-saver in multiplayer, especially when handling those pesky Poltergeists that the killer members of your party have a tough time with.

  • Main rig: My main rig was Renfield, Holy Rosary, Trench Coat and Rite of Seeking. But it was also wise to throw down Shrivelling at some point, so I could take some of the combat load off, especially in the beginning of the campaign when the killers were not yet powered up. One question that might be asked is why Holy Rosary over St. Hubert's Key? Rosary is cheaper and would allow me to get my rig on the board quicker. I also didn't really need the intellect boost from it, as I was going to be relying on other means to investigate or boost my intellect. Finally, I like the straight up horror soak from the Rosary for Carcosa. Overall, I think the choice worked out great.

  • Upgrades: My first upgrade was Streetwise and is the most important one for the rest of the campaign. I also grabbed Adaptable right away so I could adjust to each scenario. Some other key upgrades were Lockpicks and The Skeleton Key (so I could have more cluever tools than just Rite of Seeking/Drawn to the Flame) and Hot Streak (mo' money).

Dec 30, 2018 elenneth89 · 71

Very good deck indeed pal, will try it for sure, cheers!