Paint It Green *Arkham Nights 2018 Ending Build*

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MythosBusters · 1727

This was the final build of the Sefina deck Ian used for the ironman Carcosa run at Arkham Nights 2018. The main role of this deck was flex cluever: focused on getting clues, but also able to help out in other ways.

The starting build is here:

Key things to note compared to the previous version:

  • Spirit Athame: I liked having the option of these, but in practice I didn't end up using them too often. Doing it again, I might go with only 1 copy.

  • Lockpicks/The Skeleton Key: Both of these did a lot of work for me and ensured that I wasn't just relying on Rite of Seeking for gathering clues. Consistency is great.

  • 1 copy events: Contradicting my last point a bit, if you look at my event list, I ended up with lots of singletons. This was an intentional choice because I found as the campaign went on that variety and having more tools in my toolbox was more important than consistency of any particular events, given the role I was playing. Of course, Ward of Protection was a notable exception to this.

  • Sacrifice: This was a great complement to Moonlight Ritual. I liked having 1 of each, because sometimes I wanted to just clear the doom off of Renfield, but other times I wanted to sacrifice him to grab money or cards.

  • Sure Gamble/Time Warp: These were important tools to have going into the later scenarios. Funnily enough, I never ended up using either, because we ended up doing so well, but I liked the option of being able to guarantee crucial tests.

  • Storm of Spirits/Double or Nothing: I have to shout out a key moment in Dim Carcosa when I dropped a Double or Nothing on a Storm of Spirits during a turn when we got swamped with enemies while big H was out. This combo allowed me to clear the board of the 4 health enemies and drop 4 damage on the big boss. A clutch play which was backed up by Time Warps and Sure Gamble in my hand.

  • Fearless: This was a straight replacement for Guts to help counter any horror pressure from the Carcosa campaign.

Overall, I was impressed and delighted by how this deck performed throughout the campaign. I was generally up by 4 for almost every test and Sefina's defensive stats were great (I think I could count the number of treacheries I failed on one hand.) There are some small tweaks to the event loadout I would probably make in retrospect, but nothing major. What a fantastic event and experience ironman was!