UnimPrest [Live Play]

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PureFlight · 405

This is the deck I used in my live play video of Curtain Call.

I've never played with Dark Horse, but for whatever reason I thought Preston would be worthwhile with it.

I'll let the video talk about the deck, but I have some observations:

  • I need to float at either 3 or <6 actual resources to get Fire Axe back down to 2 damage
  • Dumb Luck was supposed to get me out of a jam, but I'm not sure it's even really any good in solo. I just discarded it, and plan to drop it for The Last King
  • Originally I had Rabbit's Foot in here, which I loved, but I needed the horror soak of Cherished Keepsakes. So my plan is to get Relic Hunter and Rabbit's Feet later on, after my crucial Lola Santiagos.
  • I chose Carcosa because almost all enemies in the campaign are 2 or 4 health, so Fire Axe is particularly effective. This build would have a MUCH harder time in TFA.
  • LaBranche isn't doing me much, so I think if I were to start over I'd just use Peter Sylvestre. Good news is I'll save up 6xp and replace LaBranche with 2x Lola Santiago, and I won't need Charisma to do that effectively.