Agenda. Stage 2
Doom: 3. Clues: –
Most of the other patrons seem oblivious to the mobsters and goons closing in around you. But you recognize this for what it really is - you're about to get roughed up.
Matthew Cowdery
The Dunwich Legacy #64. The House Always Wins #3.
Underground Muscle

Sudden Chaos - Back

You hear a crash from somewhere outside and screams of pain in the lounge. A terrible monstrosity smashes through the entrance to the club, crushing the stairwell and knocking over gangsters and patrons alike.

Spawn a random enemy from the set-aside Hideous Abominations encounter set in Clover Club Lounge. Shuffle the rest of that encounter set, the set-aside Striking Fear encounter set, and the encounter discard pile into the encounter deck.

Move all investigators and unengaged enemies from La Bella Luna to the Clover Club Lounge. Remove La Bella Luna from the game.

Underground Muscle

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