Item. Tool. Melee.

Cost: 2. XP: 1.
Test Icons:

: Fight. You get +1 for this attack.

Exile Fire Extinguisher: Evade. You get +3 for this test. If you are successful, evade each other enemy engaged with you, as well.

Marcin Jakubowski
The Miskatonic Museum #114.
Fire Extinguisher

As far as exile cards go I think this is a miss where Flare is a massive hit.

My main concern here is the cost. 2 boxes and an to install and an to use the exile ability. The ability isn't bad, + 3 to evade is good. But already has good options for evading like Survival Instinct. Flares similar +3 to fight and + 2 damage seems much better and fills a needed slot especially in solo. Also it's an event so only uses 2 boxes and one .

Let's move on to the other ability. Pretty much Knife but it costs one more and one influence.

With the current register of Wendy Adams and "Ashcan" Pete I don't see a place for this card.

Pilgrim · 294
You forgot to mention a big plus: you get a +3 bonus AND evade EACH enemy you are enaged to. So this card can also be looked at as a worse "Cunning Distraction". — Synisill · 780
This card is simply crap and not worth the experience cost. — XehutL · 47
Yeah, this is one of the worst cards in the game for sure. It could be level 0 and I would still not be very impressed. As a 1 XP exile, no way. — CaiusDrewart · 2971
I agree it should be level 0 because it need to re-purchase anyway after used. — AquaDrehz · 191
It's been so long time. Evene Oops have upgraded version but this ard still not fixed. — AquaDrehz · 191
It wouldn't be) It's a Patrice upgrade! With Deja VU — ambiryan13 · 164