Twilight Blade
Sanctum's Reward


Item. Relic. Weapon.

Cost: 3.
Test Icons:

Diana Stanley deck only.

: Fight.. You may use instead of for this attack.

You may play or commit events and skills beneath Diana Stanley as if they were in your hand. As an additional cost to play or commit a card in this way, exhaust Twilight Blade. You cannot trigger Diana Stanley's ability while playing or committing a card in this way.

Robert Laskey
The Circle Undone #13.
Twilight Blade
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This weapon is so well oiled, it won't stay stuck in slimy spheres (good on you Diana!)

However, it still requires you to get close to your target, so it won't protect you from a haunted sarcophagus (sarcophaguses? sarcophagi?)

Also, don't expect it to catch anything flying either.

Nenananas · 229
So you cast the magic bullet with this knife? — AquaDrehz · 190

This. Card. Is. WILD. Like, legit actually for real wild. It's very very hard to see if it's good, but I think it's likely to be the card that takes Diana from good to killer. Why?

That third block of text? It seems to be a constant effect, rather than a contingent effect that turns on during fight actions.

As a weapon this is not very good, as it doesn't deal extra damage. But it's a good rat killer or finisher for enemies with uneven HP and saving charges on your attack spells. But the ability to reuse cards like Ward of Protection or Dodge seems pretty poweful to me, even if it reduces her will power. — Django · 4679
Though it does lose some value if you get Seal of the Elder sign with XP because you can return cards through her elder sign ability with hit. — Django · 4679
Each time you play a card from underneath Diana, you gained that card at the loss of 1 willpower. But you also clear a space to put a new card under Diana, which will give you +1 card/+1 resource. So I agree that this power is pretty good. — jmmeye3 · 603

Interesting card. Does the constant effect allow you to play a single cancelling card twice for a single event? E.g. "I've had worse…" could be played to cancel a single loss of 4 damage? (And gain 5 resources and a card, by placing it under Diana and then instantly triggering again.)

I.e does the card get put under Diana Stanley before the damage is applied? Her power doesn’t read like a normal timing window of when the cards get discarded.

Phoenixbadger · 188
The Twilight Blade specifies that you can't activate Diana's reaction ability when playing or committing cards with it. As for I've Had Worse, I don't see any reason why you couldn't play 2 copies on the same damage or horror source, but I could be wrong. Looks like you could only do it if you had 2 copies though (either under Diana or in your hand). — Zinjanthropus · 216
I guess it would work, actually. Once the first "I've had worse" resolves from your hand, you can react and put it beneath Diana. Once that's resolved, you're still looking at damage with the same timing point as the first "I've had worse," so you should be able to respond with the dagger. — SGPrometheus · 719
That’s what I figured, you only use the dagger’s ability on the second use (once it’s already under your investigator card. — Phoenixbadger · 188
To clarify: the last line, "You cannot trigger Diana Stanley's ability..." is specifically to stop an infinite loop of cancellation and replay, right? The point being you get one play and one replay from a cancellation card, then it is discarded? Nice, but not game-breaking. — whisp · 1

This card allows you to replay the cards under Diana, at the expense of her willpower. There is also a trick with Olive McBride. When you play her, unlike events and skills, she goes back into play, from where she can be used to soak 2 horror, then through her power ignore a chaos token and go back under Diana for a card, a resource and +1 willpower! The net effect is unlimited recurrences of paying 2 resources and an action for 1 card, a resource, 2 horror and one or more uses of Olive McBride's power.

jmmeye3 · 603
She's only allowed to play or commit events and skills, not assets. Sorry buddy, it was too good to be true — MisterRogers · 14
Oops! True. So the main advantage is probably having a extra copy of safety net cards like Ward of Protection ready to play. The ability to fight with willpower could be decent once she has lots of cards under her. — jmmeye3 · 603
Yeah, it lets you keep everything more locked down once you get it out. The way I see it, it's great as an off weapon, as you can use stuff like the .45 Auto (2), which "ignores" the Retaliate ability as a primary weapon. Or, y'know, spells and whatnot. It's only because the dagger doesn't deal bonus damage that I would personally run extra damage stuff. — MisterRogers · 14