Act. Stage 1
Clues: 3.
When you arrive at the old Witch House, you find it in a sorrier state than you imagined. Surrounded by a crooked picket fence, the house looks as though it may fall apart at any minute. The front door is locked, but you are able to easily enter through one of the windows after pulling apart the rotting wooden boards covering the shattered glass.

Objective - If each undefeated investigator is in Walter Gilman's Room, investigators may spend the requisite number of clues, as a group, to advance.

Yoann Boissonnet
The Secret Name #125. The Secret Name #6.
Investigating the Witch House

Specter of the Past - Back

Standing in a dead man's room is disconcerting enough, but what you find within is enough to make you want to leave and never return. Walter Gilman's journal is filled with descriptions of his dreams and visions, each more terrifying and perplexing than the last. He mentions seeing the figure of Keziah Mason on more than one occasion, and at one point calls her by another name: "Nahab." As soon as you read the name aloud, the nearby window shatters, and an all-too-familiar spectral mist invades the cramped space. When it recedes, everything about the room has changed. A work desk and an aged bookshelf occupy the far corner of Gilman's room, where his bed should be. The door you entered from is gone. Strange geometrical markings, drawn with a sticky red substance, cover the walls.

Swap Walter Gilman's Room with the set-aside Keziah's Room, taking its place (all tokens and cards at the former location are now at the new location). Remove each other location in play from the game.

Choose an investigator to take control of the set-aside The Black Book asset. Shuffle both set-aside copies of Strange Geometry into the encounter deck.

Investigating the Witch House

The b side says 'Remove each other location in play from the game'. Enemies or other cards in such locations are removed as well? I understand so, although there's the bad default rule too...

efialto2 · 9
Unless it says to move them, all tokens and cards on them are discarded. — Death by Chocolate · 56