Agenda. Stage 4
Doom: 8. Clues: –
Either this house is truly haunted, or its strange angles and eerie light are playing tricks on your curse-addled mind. Are these ghostly visions real? Or echoes of the house’s gruesome past?

Each non-weakness enemy gets +4 health.

After you defeat Brown Jenkin or Nahab: Gain 1 clue (2 clues instead if there are 3 or more investigators in the game).

Lenka Šimečková
The Secret Name #124. The Secret Name #5.
Marked for Sacrifice

A Dream in the Witch House - Back

Flashes of vision spark your memory as you are dragged along the dirty wooden floor. A foul ceremony - the house - Nahab - a rhythmic chant - the spiraling black vortex - a dark revelry - the Primal Chaos - a child's cries - a writhing tunnel inside your chest.


Marked for Sacrifice

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