Huntress of Bast

Asset. Ally

Ally. Blessed.

Cost: 3. XP: 4.

Health: 2. Sanity: 2.

You get +1 .

When 1 or more tokens would be removed from the chaos bag during a skill test: Seal them on Nephthys, instead.

Exhaust Nephthys: Either release 3 tokens sealed on her, or return 3 tokens sealed on her to the token pool to deal 2 damage to an enemy at your location.

Anna Christenson
The Lair of Dagon #262.


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: Can you use "Lucky" Penny to seal tokens you have treated as tokens on Nephthys? Since the lasting effect caused by "Lucky" Penny has no explicit expiration, what happens? And if you can seal them on Nephthys, would they still count as tokens for the full time that they are sealed on Nephthys, so could you use her ability to release/return them to the supply? What would happen if "Lucky" Penny were to leave play while there were tokens treated as tokens sealed on Nephthys (if they can be sealed on her)? A: Though you are able to use “Lucky” Penny to treat tokens as tokens, this will only last for the duration of the skill test you’re using “Lucky” Penny on. Once they’re sealed on Nephthys (as the skill test ends), they will be considered tokens again, and cannot be released via her ability.

  • Q: If Zoey Samaras activates her "Before you reveal chaos tokens during an attack, remove 3 tokens from the chaos bag: This attack deals +1 damage. (Limit once per round.)" and then reacts with Nephthys "When 1 or more [bless] tokens would be removed from the chaos bag during a skill test: Seal them on Nephthys, instead.", have the removed tokens still been removed to satisfy the cost of Zoey? A: No. The ability on Nephthys replaces the removal of tokens from the chaos bag with sealing them; if you use it, you will not satisfy the cost on Parallel Zoey’s free triggered ability. (February 2024)

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If you’re wondering why Sister Mary is in Guardian, this is why. Passive enemy extinction. Even in a fast game, Sister Mary will add 12 to 17 tokens to the bag just by existing. And until you have allies like Nephthys or a covenant, you’re going to cringe anytime someone draws a double bless. (Unless you have blessing of Isis.*)

Now, you want your allies to draw blesses! It lets you explode enemies, even more effectively than guard dog(2). +1Will is OK, and you could even teamwork this ally to a mystic, because it doesn’t matter where the Blessed tokens come from as long as they get used. There is another combo with this. Holy rosary (2) wants you to pass every willpower check you get. Bast’s faithful helps out. You handle this, first watch, and I'll Handle This! allows you to cycle tokens through the bag even faster. Enchanted weapon also wants your willpower to be increased. There’s plenty to elevate Mary even without spells.

At 4XP, Nephthys is extremely expensive for an ally. Cycle hard, get her out early, and melt foes. Neph is best (Bast?) at high player counts, where blessings will be drawn continually.

*It’s worth noting that there’s an anti-synergy between this card and blessing of Isis. Nephthys wants tokens taken out of the bag. Isis keeps them in there, and if you’re Mary increases them. You could take both, and on a larger team someone could take the other. But they go in different directions, so don’t spend your XP on both at once.

Spring 2024 edit: New bless tech, like Blessed Blade (4), make the huntress even deadlier. You don't need to run a covenant with this combo.

MrGoldbee · 1417
Great review. One thing I might argue is I don't think that the anti-synergy between BoI and Neph is that strong. Yes, if you trigger BoI, the tokens go back into the bag, but Neph catches so many singletons that you can recycle right back into the bag that she can be a huge boon for BoI. Even if you choose to burn the bless tokens to deal damage, you've already drawn them, so BoI hasn't lost its potential to capitalize on them the way it does when burning tokens using Radiant Smite or sealing them on Shield of Faith or RoS. — Sandmole · 39
I don't agree about avoiding to have bothe Nephthys and Blessing of Isis : if someone at your location reveals 2 blessed tokens you exhaust the Blessing and return them, if someone anywhere needs a part but not all the blessed tokens revealed you exhaust the Covenant and put back in the bag what you don't need ... and for all the other situations Nephthys can hold them until you decide if you need to spend them or if you want to put them back in the bag.<br>Nephthys not exhausting to seal the the tokens is amazing ! — AlexP · 245

Dealing 2 damage (to an elite or foe engaged with ally) as a free action is very powerful!

I'm looking at this as a fun new ally for Leo Anderson to build around! Earlier Leo got Priest of Two Faiths to add free tokens. With [Tempt Fate] you can add a lot of tokens quickly.

Confused on this wording: "Either release 3 tokens sealed on her, or return 3 tokens sealed on her to the token pool..."

Unclear why someone would not always want them to release them back into the chaos bag. This cycles the tokens so you can seal them back on her later.

Calprinicus · 5557
"Confused on this wording:..." Either you release the token to the chaos bag, or you return them to deal 2 damage. — madcircus · 126
They are two separate actions you can perform. You can exhaust her to just release 3 and add them to the bag, or you can send 3 from her to the token pool to deal damage. This essentially means you get twice as much use out of every bless token, if you choose to return them to the bag each time. — Jaysaber · 7

Something unexpected happened when playing this card with Sister Mary in a 2 investigator team. We had all 10 bless tokens in the chaos token bag/sealed within a few turns of starting the game, thanks in part to a Keep Faith and a few activations of Blessed Blade. Then, with Nephthys down, there were no bless tokens in the token pool for the rest of the game, so I could not activate my Holy Rosary (2) and Sister Mary's end of the round power didn't do anything. I should probably just feel thankful that Nephthys was working full power, but this made me realize that Nephthys is probably even more helpful if you want to "go blessed" with an investigator that doesn't have Mary's built in power, since she (Nephthys) traps the bless tokens forever as long as she is in play, which greatly enables bless-related effects. At the least, I would probably forego most of the cards that add/save bless tokens to the bag if you choose Nephthys, because it can become redundant pretty fast.

jmmeye3 · 615
Just to make sure, you do realize that if you are dealing damage with Nephthys, that the tokens don't go back in the bag, right? — DjMiniboss · 44
Yeah, she can either trap bless tokens (returning them to the bag) or cash them in for damage (returning them to the pool). It is not the most easy to parse sentence of rules text... — Death by Chocolate · 1394