Dr. Mala Sinha
Daring Physician


Ally. Wayfarer.

Cost: –.
Health: 4. Sanity: 2.

Partner. Uses (3 supplies).

Spend 1 supply and exhaust Dr. Mala Sinha: Heal 2 damage from an investigator or another Ally asset at your location.

"Want to survive the trip? Good. Then don't get on my bad side."
Lin Hsiang
Edge of the Earth Campaign Expansion #217. Expedition Team #4.
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If you want the Friends Forever achievement for Edge of the Earth, play Mark Harrigan and take this lady along for every scenario. You’ll be absolutely unstoppable, since she synergizes perfectly with Sophie. That’s not to say she isn’t also an incredible asset for many of your Guardian allies either. Beat Cop, Guard Dog and Grete Wagner are all great examples of cards who will benefit greatly from her ability. Since you’re likely playing guardian cards if you’re bringing along Dr. Mala, feel free to pack a copy or two of Inspiring Presence for emergencies.

And she uses supplies, which means you can recharge her with venturer or emergency cache (3). Also Contraband can be useful. — Tharzax · 1