Practiced. Trick.


If this skill test is successful during an evasion attempt, you may automatically evade another enemy at your location.

"I never ran from anything like that devil tonight, though. Hope I never have to again."
-Rita Young, Investigators of Arkham Horror
Lin Hsiang
The Feast of Hemlock Vale Investigator Expansion #76.
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Beautiful card! I'm one of the guys who said that a card like this should have been in the core set, and would make Rogues in the early days a much better experience for new players. There are many situations where you will have 2 enemies on you, or your friend will have one engaged with them, so this in one action of your evasion saves you a whole turn basically, as you don't have to engage their enemy and then for the third action evade that enemy too! In reality, this is a real powerhouse of a card and is just a pure value, and will probably never whiff. It makes an evader of your group much more efficient. Simple, yet powerful, and will probably see a lot of play. Rita Young can take this too, which is just an icing on the cake!

Blood&gore · 387

Getting to say "Let me go first, I'll evade them." is such a heroic feel-good moment for evaders. Even if in bad case where you must spend an engage to get one enemy to evade and spread the exhaust, that still can solve a lot turn ordering problems for the team.

You can use low enemy to exhaust high enemy out of any investigator, Elite included, bypassing Alert and other nasty effects. When the fighter is dealing with the boss often you get some other enemies piling up, now you can turn the table against the boss lightfoot-ing the goons you just got.

It also removes clunkiness from cards like Sneak Attack in multiplayer. e.g. You are evader, but someone else got an enemy draw. Suddenly it takes all your actions to perform the feat.

If using evade bonus cards like Pickpocketing, Dirty Fighting, etc. I guess you might be able to team up with an another decent player and commit it to their evasion tests, so you get your bonus on the automatic evade.

5argon · 8352