Cost: 2. XP: 2.


Investigate. Add your value to your skill value for this investigation. You may ignore any effect or keyword on your location which would trigger during this investigation. If you succeed, discover 1 additional clue at this location. If a symbol was revealed during this investigation, return Read the Signs to your hand at the end of your turn.

Ilich Henriquez
The Feast of Hemlock Vale Investigator Expansion #101.
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How is there no review for this card?!

Absolute banger with the right setup.

The new line "If a symbol was revealed during this investigation, return Read the Signs to your hand at the end of your turn." changes friggin EVERYTHING.

Play it in blurse, play it with Olive, play it as Sister Mary or Jacqueline Fine, and consistently grab 2 clues per turn. Bonus points if the Signs say "TCU" - the haunter becomes the haunted!

Heck, the upgrade also boomerangs back if you fail, letting you say "um, okay, I'll just try again next round".

The only caveat: It costs you 2 resources every time, which can get expensive, so you better put on your Robes of Endless Night, which conveniently also only triggers once per round. Alternatively, checking out Prophetic could be worth it, although personally I don't like these kind of cards.

I battle-tested this in the last two Hemlock Vale scenarios and had a blast :)

Side Note: The same goes for Spectral Razor and Ethereal Form, but I think Read the Signs is the most viable overall. However, if you deck-build around symbols I'd probably run them too.

AlderSign · 225
Why did you include "Ethereal Form" at the end, but not "Spectral Razor"? I think, these upgrades are really strong in a curse-deck with the Rod, which can almost asure, you retrieve them. The biggest ding for the suite is, that they are borderline useless for parallel Agnes, who is curently the best user of Spell events. But when she uses her ability, the level 0 versions are just as good for her. She actually preferes shuffeling them into her deck to avoid seeing "Dark Memory" twice in a game. I guess, Sefina might currently be the best user, if you build her less of a rogue (except for economy and curses), more of a Rod-user, as she is the second best event user with access. But that's not to say, they are coasters for other mystics. They are indeed very good options for anybody, who can make them trigger with a decent chance. — Susumu · 351
I knew I missed something :) I actually prefer them in Sister Mary, since she comes with symbols automatically and has increased chances of success due to the bless tokens. Curses can always backfire. Especially Kohaku could wing it with Paradoxical Covenant, though. — AlderSign · 225
Sister Mary + Olive sure sounds a good way to use these. Personally, I used them in Kohaku, but as late luxury upgrades. The resource cost of 2 was, why it was no priority upgrade for me. But it did work as intended. Did not have any Covenant, but with taboo, two ritual candles (and the Rod in the "Occult Reliquary" slot) the modifier of curses became zero, of blesses +4, so there was no way, that curses were anywere bad. — Susumu · 351
Sounds awesome :) — AlderSign · 225