XP: 3.
Test Icons:

Commit only to a skill test you are performing, and only if the difficulty of that test is higher than your base skill value.

Rise to the Occasion gets +X icons, where X is the difference between your base skill and this test's difficulty (to a maximum of +3 icons).

Clark Huggins
Return to the Dunwich Legacy #10.
Rise to the Occasion


The card text here basically boils down to: Attempt nearly any test you're normally bad at, with a +2 advantage.

4 Difficulty treachery hitting your Silas Marsh? Guts + Rise to the Occasion for a total advantage of +4!

4 Difficulty test for Ashcan? Commit Rise to the Occasion + Perception for a total advantage of +4!

3 Difficulty test for Wendy? Rise to the Occasion + Baseball Bat for a total advantage of +4!

Even if you cut out all those other cards, Rise to the Occasion still lets you attempt tests you're normally bad at with a +2 advantage, this is most important for those forced scenario tests and unique treacheries that just gotta go, I speak off the Locked Door, Frozen in Fear, that kind of stuff.

In my opinion this card is alright by me, and downright great in a Silas Marsh deck.

Tsuruki23 · 927
Let's say you're using Calvin Wright, and it's a 4 difficulty test. You'll get +2 from the icons, and another +3 from the ability, for a total of +5 — Yusei1Fudo · 1
Super fun card in City of Archives :) — Quilzar · 5