Harbinger of Valusia
The Sleeper Returns


Humanoid. Monster. Serpent. Elite.

Fight: 2. Health: 10. Evade: 4.
Damage: 2. Horror: 2.

Alert. Hunter. Retaliate.

While this enemy has 5 or more damage on it, it gets +2 fight and -2 evade.

Forced - After a successful attack or evasion attempt against this enemy ends: Place 1 resource on it. Then, if there are 2 resources on it, it vanishes with a sinister hiss. (Set it aside, out of play. It keeps all damage tokens.)

Vengeance 5.
Matthew Cowdery
Return to the Forgotten Age #18. Return to the Doom of Eztli #2.
Harbinger of Valusia


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I vastly prefer this version to the original - the change is subtle, but impactful. This enemy is primarily an action sink, so having it be perfectly symmetrical in Fight/Evade values while also having all the keywords in the world PLUS the ability to Retaliate while exhausted made it just slightly too annoying to tackle, especially considering how omnipresent it is. This version has evolving Fight/Evade values, and it's not able to bite back anymore when it is being hit while down, so the annoyance is slightly mitigated. Also, putting Damage on it is now a more viable strategy, simply because it's now the more efficient way to get rid of it.

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